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What is the first thing..? Lock Rss

What is the first thing you do in the morning.. My woruld have to be after changing nappies, make myself a coffee... Sit for 5 mins then get into the breakfest run..
Do a wee, then stagger out and put the kettle on, whilst that is boiling I flick the computer on and browse through here and facebook til the kids wake up
haha pretty much the same. Wake up, get DD change her nappy give her breakfast..have my own brekky and a play with DD then straight to the gym happy

oh yeah I forgot to put down that I do a pee as well <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> can't forget to shake the dew from the lily grin
Go to the toliet then turn tv on and open our glass doors and bub watches in the night garden which i tape every night for him then i sit on my computer for 10 minutes.

Toilet, then open up the house like windows and doors(love the fresh air in the morning) tv on, then change DS nappy, then get us brekky.
Normally DD wakes me up (normally between 5 and 6am) so she comes into bed with me while she has a feed then i bolt for the loo. We have cuddles in bed for abit until i wake up properly then we go out, she gets a bum change and down on the play mat while i make DPs lunch. Also i boil the kettle make tea and coffee for me and DP.

Shower time for me is when i get a chance LOL could be the arvo by the time that happens!
How could i forget wee!! Hehe!!
DH gets up early to get ready for work and lets me have a lie in (sometimes I even sleep gasp ). DD1 usually is awake shortly after he gets up, so he gets her settled while he finishes getting ready for work, then brings me in a coffee at 6am or earlier if DD2 has woken up.

So, for me its a hot coffee in bed and a cuddle with DD1 who climbs up on the bed and we have a chat about what we're going to do for the day, then its out on the veranda to wave goodbye to daddy grin
Toilet, get the boys breakfast, boil the jug, open up the house, then sit down have a cuppa (if bubs is cooperative) and make myself some toast

Hahaha, "shake the dew from the lily" - haven't heard that one in a while My_little_dazzler!!! laugh

laugh I said it the other day and my DF was like blink wtf. I thought this would be a good situation to throw it out there again wink
DS wakes around 6:45am delightfully cooing so we have a chat & a giggle in bed until DD comes in anywhere between 7-8am smile

Get up, go to the loo then change DS's nappy.

Turn computer on then proceed to kitchen to put ketle on and make DD's breaky & milk and myself a cuppa.

Put DD in highchair and she eats while i sit at computer with my cuppa breastfeeding DS then once she is finished her & DS have a bath together and get ready for the day smile
Every morning except for thurs and sat (im up first lol) I wake up to "mummy can you please get me a drink of juice and some cornflakes" so I get up go to the toilet then wash my hands and face and head to the kitchen where I get the juice and cornflakes. Then I get out the wii fit and have 20-30 mins on it. I then have my bfast, do the dishes, dress DD have a shower and let the kittys out of their bedroom aka the laundry lol.
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