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What is the first thing..? Lock Rss

Noah has been waking between 8-8.30am. He comes ina nad places in my room while I wake, so I lay round in bed till bout 8.45-9am smile. First thing I do is take bassinet into lounge room, turn tv on. Grab a muesli bar and soemthing for Noah (he rarely eats brekky <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> ) then feed bubby.
morning is my relaxing time (for now at least while DS1 isn't going to kindy til next year!)

i get up, feed DS2, sort him out with some toys to play with while i eat my breakfast and have a coffee. usually he goes back to bed about an hour after getting up, by then DS1 is up and having breakfast and watching a few cartoons so i will have a browse online before getting showered and cleaning up the kitchen etc.

Well, my delightful DS gets up around 6am so I stagger to the toilet, then turn the tv in the dining room on, make him breakfast (with my eyes half-closed), crash on the couch until I have totally woken up, then I get on my computer until he starts hassling me for something else.

Just because I talk too much, I'll continue the run-down of my boringly routine-ruled morning. Then I empty the dishwasher, make myself some form of breakfast, get DS' clothes for him to get dressed, pack his lunch and bag, do whatever tidying needs to be done (jumping on fb in between for a few mins here and there if time allows wink) jump in the shower, dress, and then we usually head off to daycare/uni/wherever.
usually get woken up to DS2 screaming for food lol (at 5ish)
so first thing for me is that and a bum change
then its loo and a drink of milk, then DS1 is next awake (6ish)he lies on the couch change his bum and give him a drink of milk
girls get woken up at 7-7.30 (if they havent woken before hand)
they go the loo then its brekky get dressed for the day and walk DD1 to school at 8.30.

Now that DD is in a bed she comes in around 7-8am I lift her in to our bed for cuddles until I wake up properly then we get up and I get her breaky then pee and jump on for a quick huggies check lol
One of the kids always wakes me up, the first thing i do is open my eyes roll over look at the time and then sigh that it is already time to get up and feel sorry for myself that it's morning and i have yet again not got enough sleep i never need to go to the toilet because i've had plenty of oppurtunity through the night on the numerous times i'm out of bed......pity party over!!!! Toilet dd1 nappy dd2 and start breakfast!
I enjoyed reading everyone's little morning routine!! I wouldn't last a 5 mins without my coffee and a little facebook time!!
First thing I do- like most after getting out of bed (usually about 8-8.30 depending on when DS wakes up)I go to the toilet, make myself a hot glass of lemon water and take my muti-v's, get my DS a hot milo or milk then brekky when he is finished. I may put on a movie for DS like cars or shrek or whatever he wants cartoon wise.while he is watching that ill get my brekky smile

Usually I've already gone to the toilet numerous times throughout the night and don't need to go first thing lol tongue

I get DS a yoghurt or cheese triangle or something I can just grab from the fridge and then make a cup of tea...

I get up at 6.30am, turn off my phone-alarm, put the kettle on for a coffee and watch a bit of Sunrise......while the munchkins are still asleep smile
Wee, wash hands, get the toaster out and turn on the coffee machine, make DH's brekky while unstacking the dishwasher, kiss him good bye then I might read or surf the net for a bit while I drink 2 coffees, one after the other...if I'm going to be heading out for the day, I have a shower and get started on the housework. I make the kids school lunches. But if it's a lazy day I just enjoy the quiet before the kids get up.
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