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What is the first thing..? Lock Rss

My weekday routine: Go to the toilet, breastfeed DD2, change her nappy, put the kettle on, make DS lunch, make DS and DD1's brekky's, give DD2's brekky to her (sometime DH does this), put some toast in the toaster, while that's cooking make a cup of tea, finish off my toast, then I go eat my brekky for about 15mins, then it's time to get everyone ready for school & kinder.
First thing is usually go to DD2 (cause she's woken me up) and change her nappy, get her a drink and some breakfast.

If I wake up first I go to the loo and go back to bed... but its shortlived, one of the kids wakes up soon after and starts calling for me.
ahh I have so many different routines but these are the main ones:

Not working:

Get up when DS1 or 2 wakes up open the house and put the telly on for DS1 while I change DS2s nappy then get breakfast ready feed DS2 then they are off to play and I have my tea and browse on the net.


Get up before the boys most times open the house have a coffee and chill out by myself before the boys wake- then it's the same routine as above except instead of having my tea and that after feeding DS2 I have a shower and get ready for work then get DS1 ready for pre-school- out the door by 830am.


Chill out in bed as long as I can with the boys or DP will get up with them while I have a 9am sleep in! or we're all up bright and early!
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