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How often do you read to your baby/toddler/child? Studies have shown that they greatly benefit from reading sessions with the parents so do you do it when the kids ask, as a routine thing or on occasion??

We read to DS every night at bed time; we've done it since he was around 6 months and now he WILL NOT go to bed without at least 2 books. But I only read to him during the day if he requests it (which, he usually does). We should probably do it more...

I'd be interested in knowing exactly how it benefits them. It can't be speech-wise because DS has been below average for speech until the last couple months. He loves reading and we do it interactively (so he will ask questions, offer extra info to the story, even read based on the pictures!). He does, however, have an incredible memory. I mean, amazing. It shocks me. I can read him a book for the first time, and when I finish it, he will go back to the beginning and repeat it almost word-for-word, using the pictures as a memory jogger.
We read to DS every night before bed, usually 1-2 books. During the day only if he requests it. Some stories he has memorised and will "read" them to us but he just knows them off by heart because hes heard them so many times laugh

He also asks questions and adds funny bits to the story and is now very interested in spelling, so often asks how words are spelt(he does this all the time randomly during the day too)

Not sure how it benefits them exactly...we have been reading to DS since very young, a few months old, and he still has speech and language difficulties at 4.5yrs old.
I only recently started as DS1 wouldnt sit still and let me read. But now I read to him every night! We have Alphabet books (they were mine when I was younger) He loves Possum Magic but it has gone walk a bout.

Not sure if it's helped his speach, but he can tell me letters now and some words he knows what they are, stuff like that
aw, thats cute smile

I read to my DD in the womb, every now and then lol it was planned to do more but you know what happens roll eyes

Now i read to her about once a week and she loves it! I thought she would be too young to actually be interested but she always pays attention till the end of the story smile I want to do it more but sometimes forget or we are out and about...

When she is a little older i will start reading it to her at bedtime but at this age, sometimes its hard enough to get her down when she is tired let alone keep her attention at story time lol wink

We are very similar to you. We have read to DS every night before bed time since about 6 months of age and it is very much part of his routine. We read 3 - 4 books of his choosing which is from anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes worth.

Then we only read to him during teh day if he requests it. We often find him though with a book on the lounge "reading" out loud. Very cute!

Sorry edited to say:
DS's speech has always been quite good and people are shocked when I tell them that he has just turned two. But that could just be a combination of things and I'm not sure if it is directly an effect of reading. Sure it would help though smile

I never read to her at night, we sing and talk instead.

I read at least 10 stories a day, and have done since I was pregnant. She loves books and will sit and "read" to herself as well.
Pretty much every day. The boys usually get some time with us (me or DH) taking turns for several pages, then the boys are allowed to read in bed til lights out on their own. We regularly look at info books together (eg DS1 is obsessed with his Star Wars Lego Encyclopedia atm and he is always asking us to sit down and look at this one or that one (with hopeful pleading looks i his eyes laugh). DD brings me books throughout the day, and she gets a few at bedtime. She would keep going all night if you didn't say stop. Weekends we get a bit lazy though and it's usually a movie night rather than reading..
I try and read a book to bub every day but he thinks it better when the book across the room. He will take it off me and put it away and come back and sit down.
Oh well i keep trying.
I use to read to him everyday when i was pregnant with him and doing the same with this pregnancy.

I also try and read to DD (15months old) but she was never too interested and prefers running around the house like a headless chook. She will now sit on my lap and look at a book (her faves are puppy and animal books) but won't really listen to a whole story.
I've tried my hardest to get her more interested in sitting down and doing quiet things like puzzles, books etc but she just can't focus for longer than a minute. She loves to look at books by herself but this involves carrying it around the room and standing on them.
I think each child is different, I've tried to do the right reading thing (after all I am a teacher) but this kid is just like her dear dad! smile smile
Oh gosh... confession time! Lol
When dd was born I would read to her... just because I knew that the sound of my voice would be soothing.. as well as they say the interaction helps develop neural pathways. We had newborn books that were all black and white patterns as that's what catches their eye the most and she would stare for ages.

However now that I'm back at work part time... the days that I work she doesn't get any stories! Dh often will think to do it in the evening about 3 times a week and I read to her during the day if I have a day off. I get library books for her and she will often read to herself.
I spend a fair bit of time teaching her other things though.. we do a lot of drawing and writing... she can already write her name, plus mum, dad, nan, pa and zali (her little friends name) . She has just turned 4 so I'm confident we havnt damaged her yet! Lol


I've been reading to DD since she was about 4/5 months old, at that age I would read HEAPS of books to her during the day, not so much at night though, then as soon as she got a big bed when she was about 15 months we started reading 2 or 3 books at night plus singing a few songs and also kept up the reading during the day.

Nowdays (she's almost 3), we read 3 or 4 books a night then we have 5 songs on the playlist that I sing for her (she won't let me leave the room if i don't sing them all laugh) During the day when we are home I tell her to go and grab a bunch of books to read and we snuggle up on the lounge and read them...

She has always been great with her words and all that, not sure if the reading has anything to do with it or not lol but she just loves books grin
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