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we have a dilemma, we have a wedding in a few weeks time. My sibling is getting married it's not their 1st weddings and they each have their own young children. Anyways we are travelling for hours to get there, and they've said no children at the ceremony or reception. Seems a bit strange to me as usually they can go to the ceremony.It's being held in a public place. None of us want to miss the ceremony but we understand about the reception and one of us will miss the reception and watch the children. But since it's an informal affair and in the park and since they are the nephew and neices it seems a bit strange.
Just looking at what others would do in this situation? I'm not terribly keen on leaving my chilren with stranger as they are very very shy and don't talk very well and don't like strangers. My 14 month old boy is still breastfed also.
Also they've known for months that we are going and we only got an invite today and the wedding is in 2 weeks

Unfortunately it's their day, so you'd need to abide by their wishes.
If you're not happy with leaving your children with strangers you might need to consider skipping the event.

What a shame sad Do other guests have kids as well? The reason I ask is because when my cousin got married, my other cousins (who had kids) and I all pitched in and paid a babysitter to look after all our children in the reception's function room, they had booked a room specifically for the kids. However they could just as easily have been watched at someone's house or hotel room if we'd had nowhere at the reception. Just a thought, it was very handy for me as I was BF my DD at the time so could feed her when she wanted, and once the meals were finished the kids were fine to come out and join us and the babysitter went home smile Cost me less than $40 and was worth it as my DH was away at the time and if I hadn't had the option, we would have missed out on being there completely which would have been disappointing.
The only wedding that my kids have been invited to was the one where they were flowergirl and pageboy.

It is common thing for people to not want young children at their wedding. They can be very disruptive during the ceremony and quite often get ratty and tired at the reception. Its a personal choice thing, but I don't think that having young children at a wedding is a great idea.

There is also the cost factor. Children don't really know what a wedding is all about, and quite often they are still factored into the cost of a reception venue simply because they are there. So the couple who are getting married have to pay more. Especially if there are a lot of children attending.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do except respect their wishes. Are their children going to be there? That is different circumstances though I think.

My sister is getting married this year and is only having her two girls and our three children at the wedding. No other children. I find it strange that your children are not invited seeing as they are immediate family. At our Wedding next year we are having a few children, but our Wedding is in a more family friendly environment. Maybe give your sibling a call and have a chat to them about it.
Yes I totally understand not having them at reception as often it's catered for etc and it costs more to have children, and they start getting tired. This wedding is being held in a big park, hasn't cost them anything for the venue. Just makes it hard for us travelling 8 hours to get there, and also because we've already paid the accommodation etc weeks ago we have to go. We had a child free reception (breastfed babies allowed) althoguh anyone was able to come to the ceremony, although my neices and nephews were allowed to go.

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