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Photobooks - anyone used Creative memories or Momento? Lock Rss

Hello! I am so far behind in my traditional scrapbooking that I am considering doing a photobook. Has anyone done a Creative memories photobook or a Momento photobook and what have you thought of the quality?

I do love my traditional scrapbooking...has anyone moved from this to digital photobooks and have you been happy and glad you made the change?
I am thinking of continuing my traditional scrapbooking (using Creative memories products) for my daughters and other special albums and doing photobooks for my other yearly day to day photos....any thoughts anyone??

thanks Heaps!
Hi. I'm not a traditional scrapbooker but I have used Momento several times now and I love it. Quality is good and I think their binding looks solid. I think I might be addicted. I can't really compare with the other one though as I haven't tried them. Good luck with the change to digital!
I do both using creative memories, for the traditional I usually go to a monthly work shop run by my CM consultant, I am also going to a 3 day scrap booking retreat that I can't wait for and I have been using digital to make the kids baby books I have not got them printed yet as I am not finished DS's I have made a 15 page book for DD and I think it is just over $100 to get it printed

ETA my sig is made using CM digital softwear

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