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While on that topic does anyone know what powder comes up off the floor easiest?? I used baby powder last year and you could see the prints for ages!

I'd use flour
My DS's are 4 1/2 & 3. They usually get books, this year they are getting a Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt pop up book and another awesome book called Hullabazoo and a few small solid eggs which i will do a hunt with and maybe a few slightly larger ones (like the 12 crate ones) but TBH they never usually eat the choccies (or many of them) i usually do smile

previous yers my kids have gotten eggs etc from everyone aunts uncles grandparents etc and from us and the easter bunny i usully get them one of the chracter bowl and spoon sets and a set of PJs. i think they are maybe a bit too old for baby spoons nd bowls this yer so i have gotten them a set of PJs each and they will get one big egg each and some of the smaller hollow ones i will do an egg trail inside. my parents are giving them a dvd each instad of eggs as MIL and FIL go really over board with how much choc they give them (and dp ends up eating it all anyway lol)

we always got pjs and slippers for our easter things, and as i dont like chocolate i got lollies or something instead.

We usually give them a bowl, cup, plate, egg cup set as they usually don't have easter subjects/pictures on them and they can be used all year round.
They usually get a large egg or bunny and they just some small and medium eggs for the hunt. This is the first year we have had a backyard so we might go a little crazy on the hunt this year, Why not???

We don't usually give other gifts except for baby who will probably get some kind of toy or a few books depending on what I find at the shops. We have way too many stuffed toys in this house. I don't give pjs I just buy them clothes and don't like giving them as gifts. I hate getting clothes as gifts so I refuse to give them. Besides my DF is korean and my BIL is greek so between them my kids get enough clothes as presents!!! (most which never get worn and go straight to charity) I also didn't realise giving pjs at easter was so common.

They get chocolate from the rest of my family too so I don't see the need to get them any more choc. than that.

BAHAHAHAHA at the cat!!! Thats hilarious! I did the footprint thing last year...DD woke up and wouldn't step on the 'mess' and before she went on her egg hunt she got out her little toy spade and broom and tried to sweep it all up LOL
While on that topic does anyone know what powder comes up off the floor easiest?? I used baby powder last year and you could see the prints for ages!

DD knows easter is coming up (its impossible not to with the shops) and asks if the easter bunny will bring everything she spots lol. She told the ladies at the doctors yesterday she would ask the easter bunny to bring them a new remote control for the tv, so cute LOL! Anyway this is the reason she is getting one or two dvds, she saw the strawberry shortcake ones on tv and is asking for them and I said no and she said well maybe since im a really good girl the easter bunny will bring me can he not after that lol...I cave too easily BUT it is pretty much the only time of year she gets a dvd like that. She gets disney or pixar ones for bday/xmas so she can have her cartoon lol

I don't use powder I spread cotton wool balls around and my daughter calls it "bunny fluff". Some of my friends use flour. This year we will be camping so I have printed the footprints off the Huggies site and am hoping that sand will hold them down!
As my daughters 3rd birthday is this Tuesday I didn't feel I needed to get her too much for easter as she has a MASSIVE amount of pressies for tuesday.

I got her:

-A basket for the easter hunt
-a kinder surprise bunny
-a 12 pack of eggs for the easter hunt (not all of them will be used)
-some small eggs for the hunt

I thought that was plenty of chocolate.

I really dont like her eating alot of chocolate as she goes loopy from it :S

DS (2.5yo) will be doing a hunt with small solid eggs, and getting a Toy Story bowl, spoon and cup with choc egg set.
Ill prob end up eating most of the hunt eggs tongue

Wow! We will only be giving our three 3 eggs each. We will finally be able to buy some hot crossed buns; nummmm! grin

Family sends them a little something and i think that is heaps for Easter.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Bub doesn't eat chocolate, so we giving him 3 or 4 activity books and $50 for his bank account.
I had to eat his eggs last year and i'm not buying anyone any eggs this year.

mine are 4 and 2 and they are getting
- an easter bunny
- a humpty dumpty egg
- DS has a gift pack with 4 eggs in it and jungle animals and a pack of match box cars
- DD has a jewellery box thing which has a few little eggs in it and an easter bunny beannie kid

I think mum and dad have got them new pjs and the in laws have got them a gift pack each which has a couple of eggs in it and a touch each. I also got 1 pack of hunting eggs as well but there 2 older cousins will be there to share in those.

ETA DP & I will eat most of the chocolate

both kids got a medium sized bunny rabbit plush toy, Mase's is in Blue & Mia's is in purple, they wil both also get PJ's & a book Mason is getting thoose cute little "Hop" all in ones as his PJ's hehe

DS is also getting a peter rabbit bowl & spoon set

DD is getting a Medium sized white rabbit and the egg hunt will have a mixture of small eggs and teh mini solid eggs smile i cant wait hehe
We wont be getting the kids anything (DS1 is 3.5 and DS2 is 1)

We use to get DS1 eggs but have decided not to anymore as for US easter isnt about chocolate smile plus ill end up eating them all lol

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