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So the deal was he got a dog and I get the house with an extra bedroom..
Sounds good till I realise training a bulldog puppy with a 3 month old REALLY DOES SUCK.
I did the right thing tho - took it to puppy training at 6pm - just when the baby starts getting grumpy, wants to be fed and put to sleep.
Got thru that...just..and now our puppy can sit, lay down, stand, fetch and even be gentle when eating a treat out of your hand..
Have you ever tried taking a large puppy for a walk on a lead when you are pushing a pram and have a 4 year old asking question after question after question? It turns you grey..
So the dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise a day - even if its raining. I take him down to the beach and ignore him pissing all over the seats on the way there TWICE A WEEK!! and just marvel at all the other dog walkers briskly walking and enjoying the beach while their dogs may sniff other dogs but then follow their owner up the beach..taking mine with them.
So I have to run after my dog, put him back on the lead and TRY to get him walking in a straight line instead of wrapping the lead around my legs..
Lucky the babys in daycare those days right? Have you every tried holding a baby in one arm, a beach bag a bumbo and a dog in the other? With the 4 year old asking question after question?
Then I get home and clean all the dog wee off my car seats and say I will never take the dog to the beach again..
The dog then gets annoyed - it hasn't gone to the beach for a whole week and it's going to show me what it thinks of that!
I go outside in the morning and there chewed up in millions of pieces is [insert anything left on floor outside by children in past week] has pulled all the washing off the line, dug up my new vegetable garden and really just made a mess..
I think he really does have the better deal working 4 weeks away and coming home to a clean house, 2 kids, a dog and his partner cooking him anything he wants for a week..just pitty about her grey hair right?

I would have picked 1 less room, dogs are expensive (food, vet expenses + damages), they need tons of attention and love as they are a pack animal, exersice and as I'm sure you realise the list goes on. With kids already you have enough on your plate without the added stress of a puppy which is a baby too. And to make it worse your hubby isn't even there most of the time.

I'm feeling for you girl though besides admitting that it's just too much to cope with and trying to rehome before the dog gets too old and is not as cute and appealing I can't give much more advice only sympathy.

Oh on they are smelly too, I am so not a dog person.
OMG this sounds like my life lol!! My DH works away and hasnt been back in 6 weeks (argh!) and we got our 3yr old a puppy for his birthday in December and she drives me crazy!!!! Everytime I take her to the beach she will sprint away any chance she gets, and i have to try and get the 3yr old and my 19month old to follow me waaay down the beach as well as all the stuff we have with us getting angrier and angrier with every step. I buy her those enormous dinosaur looking bones to keep her happy and bought her one of those shell pool things to sit in during the day but the little wench has just pulled my clothes off the line again, I just spotted her merrily running around the yard with my fave bra hanging from her mouth <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> angry I think I'll be finding her a new home though I havent got the patience at all to try and get her to listen to me anymore, she just stresses me out more than anything now!! Woo, if you read all that ranting well done lol tongue
i LOVE dogs. i have two of them smile wub

for all the annoying things they do and all the money they cost and attention they require, a house just wouldnt be a home for us without pets.

As much as they bug me, i will miss them so much when they are gone. Love having animals around and love watching my DD grow up to respect animals and learn to care for them and treat them well.

So whilst i feel your pain, it's so worth it smile
OP you sound like me with my beearch of a Labrador, and DH heading off to FIFO for work while I clean the dog crap and myriad of things she found to destroy and fill in the holes and bark at me non stop while I try and water the garden and push my kids on the swing....lucky for us we had lovely friends who had space for her to run and I said no more dogs....Fast forward 3 years and we now have a pug which *I* chose, after a year of research looking for the perfect family dog breed - and I will say, apart from a few minor pooping incidents, he really is a dream pet smile He is snoring on my feet right now, he trotted at heel with me for 1.5 hrs today while we walked the paddocks, DS1 left the gate open and rather than bolting, he ran around the other side and cried to be let back in, doesn't bark or nip or yap....he does however shed an enormous amount of fur, but I still love him smile

Make sure your DH takes over ALL doggy duties while he is home! My DH did jack about his stupid dog except tell me off for not spending more time with her....thanks alot mate, not like I don't have anything else to do right??? <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
ok, im not sure if your asking for advice, or just having a moan. But in case your asking for ideas... Ill let you know what i do with my 6 month old pup.
(oh and i feel your pain, i have 3 kids aged 5, 2 and 8 months and my dh works away)

We have a ridgeback x bull mastiff... so yeah huge pup (20kg)!!! He is 6 months old, and we got him when my youngest was 3 or 4 months?? i didnt take him to any obedience school as, well i have nobody to look after my kids when i do it. So every night once the kids were in bed i went outside and trained him. all my kids have rest time for an hour and i trained him. As soon as he was old enough to be walked i bought a HALTI COLLAR (I THINK YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!) They are * fantastic! Without it i cant walk him, with it my 2 yr old can walk him!!!!! I can ride my bike and he walks next to me with it on with out pulling me off!!!
He can sit, lay, rollover, go back to sit, fetch, eat on command, toilet on command, he knows gentle (around the kids, and when taking food).... he can do other things i just forget what...
Now he is not without fault, he has dug a couple of holes, he has broken part of the pergola (with was all rusted and dh said it was only a matter of time anyway) he has chewed a couple of things, but in 4 months he has done very little wrong.

The trick seems to be when they are bored they are pains in the butt!! and your dog sounds bored!!!! So wear him out!!! take him for a walk, put both your kids in the pram and get a halti and work from there. Get him a Kong and a few treat balls and things for him to destroy (rope toy etc.) With the washing you need to catch him in the act, then kick his butt for it! other wise he just wont understand....

ok i think thats long enough... good luck smile

Pitty I cant get rid of him - Im guessing DP would rather get rid of the kids than his "beautiful dog" I cant do that to my kids either sad
I am thinking of fencing off some of the back yard [we have a massive backyard] so then hes not destroying mine..
I find it impossible to walk him with the pram at the same time so i try to go out there and throw his toys for him as much as possible.
I am hoping its just a puppy age.....??
Please say this is just a puppy thing!
I will try to give him more excersize! He has MILLIONS of dog toys kongos ect for me to trip over but I think a freshly made garden bed is more tempting..
Im off to find a halti thankyou!!!!

most of it is just puppy things but unless he is taught to walk on the lead properly then he will never do it.

I have always had dogs. Up until recently I had 2 and then one of my boys (dog) died and now we only have one.
The dog we still have is about 12 yrs old and he is sooooooooooo annoying. I have considered giving him away! He is a little dog that after he pees he then scratches and flicks stuff (dirt or bark etc)everywhere. He has taken to digging holes in my backyard that is pretty much newly landscaped. He pees on everything including the out door furniture up on the deck. He insists on jumping on everyone when they walk out the back door, except for my husband because the dog is scared of him. Oh and he has fits. The fits normally occur at 2am ish and consists of the dog barking constantly, being disorientated, drooling on himself etc. It only takes someone to touch him for him to snap out of it but if you try to touch him he will bite you (only during the fit). FUN TIMES!

I have come to the conclusion that once this dog has passed on to the other side we will NOT be getting another. Far to much trouble if you ask me.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

Try socialising him with other dogs. Our staffy used to be a nightmare when we went to the beach, but then we started taking her for walks with my husband's mum's dog, which was way more disciplined. Our staffy actually learnt to stay close to us and come back when called from the other dog - something which no amount of shouting and pulling on the lead could do.
We used to have a beautiful labrador that sounds exactly like what you are describing. And she was like that until we re-homed her when she was 7 (thankfully a friends dad was looking for an older dog and she has lived the life of luxury for the last 3yrs!!).
I said no more dogs, but honestly i missed having a friendly face looking at me from outside every morning, LOL! We have now had a King Charles Cavalier who we got when he was 4 months old (he's 11 months now) and he is tops. I have no problem pushing DD on her bike and walking him, he sticks to chewing his toys and he likes pegs when he finds them. And he's easy for DD to push off her if he jumps.
I have always had animals growing up, i love them, but i will never get a large breed dog again!

Pitty I cant get rid of him - Im guessing DP would rather get rid of the kids than his "beautiful dog" I cant do that to my kids either sad
I am thinking of fencing off some of the back yard [we have a massive backyard] so then hes not destroying mine..
I find it impossible to walk him with the pram at the same time so i try to go out there and throw his toys for him as much as possible.
I am hoping its just a puppy age.....??
Please say this is just a puppy thing!
I will try to give him more excersize! He has MILLIONS of dog toys kongos ect for me to trip over but I think a freshly made garden bed is more tempting..
Im off to find a halti thankyou!!!!

Dont give him all the toys at once, just like kids its over load and they need a variety. If he has 10, give him 3? then in a couple of days change them etc etc. I put Boss's toy away at night and give him new ones each day...i keep them in a bucket on the table. I have anything from rubber ducks to the kids old bath toys to kongs ropes etc.
(sorry if this sounds like an advert) i have been told that a quality food like eucanoba (or how ever you sp it???) helps with a naughty dog... just like if you fed your kids a crappy food every day they wouldnt behave, feed a dog a poor quality food you get the same result... just a though i have no idea what you feed your dog.

With the halti he will HATE it to start... it WILL be a battle of the wills... he WILL try and scratch it off. YOU need to be boss!!! put it on then take it off, then put it on then take it off, put it on for a minute giving him heaps of praise, then take it off, then do it again. and again and again, then put it on and walk him for a minute, then take it off, then do that a few times... work up to a walk with it over say 2/3 days. eventually he will be ok with it... give training treats CONSTNTLY while he is being good. Distract him with the training treats.
When i use the halti i walk with him on the left the lead on the right side of his head. if he pulls give a shirt sharp pull back and say heal. walk again he pulls short sharp pull back heal.... keep repeating the same thing. I can now say heal to Boss with out having to tug on him.
A halti works like on a horse it pulls their head to the side so instead of pulling their entire body weight you are puling their head... if he cant see where he is going he wont walk that way.. iykwim? Keep the lead short so he HAS to walk next to you.
When i walk with the pram i hold the lead over the handle hold it in 1 hand and the handle round my other wrist. if he walks into the pram i keep walking... he doesnt walk into the pram now LMAO he stays clear of the wheels (not enough to hurt him, but to surprise him and teach him that he moves for the pram not the pram moves for him)
He will stay this way unless you train him!!! You need to say hey you know what im the human your a dog... you will do as i say because your a friggin dog!!! and teach him who is boss!!!
With the holes i was told curry powder works... but i think thats nasty... you sprinkle it in the hole shove his face in it then put curry powder up their nose, sorta rub it in their snout.... see, nasty!

Oh i am currently teaching Boss a recall. I bought a 10m training lead and i let him run and go and do what he wants. I whistle and he comes, i give a treat.... (he will do this in our garden, so now im teaching him it at the park)so far he's doing pretty well. I have seen it done with a whistle, i bought a whistle the other day.... LOL ill get there smile I will not take him to the beach till i am happy with his recall.

Oh and i have to apologise, Boss is 5 months not 6 months and we got him when Ry was 5 months. I'm so confused! LOL

Let me know how you go smile

double post sorry

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