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Toddlers & soft drink Lock Rss

We had a party for DD2 on Saturday, and my uncle was there with his grandson (guess he would be my 2nd cousin) who we will call E, he is 19mths. I was getting DD1 a drink, I got out her sippy cup and went to put the usual very diluted juice I always give her in it - then she started saying she wanted "special" juice. I didn't know what she meant, so she showed me, and it was Sunkist, I said "No, that's yucky for kids, only for mummies & daddies". Then my uncle walks in with E and a baby's bottle, and proceeds to fill it up with the Sunkist - I was literally gobsmacked! I said "We have juice he can have, I don't mind" thinking that the Sunkist was originally bought for my uncle, and he goes "Oh no, it's ok, this is his favourite", I didn't know what to say - I then had DD1 whinging that she wanted it cause E had it, so I gave her the tiniest of tiny amounts, and diluted it and said a stern "No more". By the end of the afternoon, E had drank 1 litre of soft drink - and needless to say was extremely cranky!! My sister asked my uncle if she could give E some water, as maybe he was thirsty and the soft drink might not be helping, he said "he doesn't drink water, this is what his mum gives him" (his mum and dad are separated, his dad is my cousin).
I haven't been able to stop thinking about this, not only is he drinking something that is very bad for his health and his teeth, but I also find drinking from a bottle at that age wrong? Am I right in thinking this is all crazy? I wish I could just adopt him, and bring him up healthy - he's such an adorable little boy and his parents (and grandparents) IMO are ruining him!
All I can say is "grrr." I really hate seeing things like that. The poor little boy was probably very thirsty, and they just keep giving him sugary crap to drink - then no doubt wonder why he gets cranky, misbehaves, etc. sad
We give DD softdrink, but it's dilluted, as long as it has the colour of the softdrink she's happy. Plus she loves brushing her teeth so keeping them relatively healthy isn't such a problem.

I don't completely agree with giving it to them straight unless it's just a sip, not a whole bottle full.

As for still having a bottle. DD has a bottle and she's nearly 2.5, she only has it at night as a comfort thing and it only has water in it. A couple of sips and she's asleep.
I don't see anything wrong with having bottles at that age. But only as a comfort item. If it's all they drink from then that is just pure laziness on the parents part. How hard is it to buy a sippy cup? Plus they are good for co-ordination development!

There is no way in hell I give my toddler or pre schooler soft drink unless its a special occasion and even then they only get one glass. Its down to one cup of juice a day here which is in the morning and milk or water the rest of the time!
I'm not a fan of soft drink for children (def would never give it to any child on a regular basis) but DD has had it watered down at special occasions. Like a PP as long as its the colour and has a slight tang she is happy. My mum gives me sh!t for it all the time and tells me to lighten up about it but this is my child. I dont find it necessary for her to drink it at all let alone undiluted! The poor child only gets watered down juice once a day haha the rest its water. She doesn't eat otherwise she just fills up on juice!
I think its disgraceful and a form of child abuse, that child will most certainly end up with severe tooth decay and by age 6 will be having teeth pulled out. Why oh why would you want to subject your child to the pain of tooth decay and the trauma of having teeth removed. Along with that he'll have further dental problems because if their baby teeth are damaged and pulled that affects how the adult teeth will come through and if decay is severe enough it can affect adult teeth. Some people have the view that baby teeth are not important as they lose them... they are just as important as adult teeth.

"That's all he'll drink" is an irresponsible cop out but sadly there's not much you can do as he's not your child.

Tooth decay is the number 1 health issue for children under 6... and people giving their children juice and softdrink (especially in bottles) is why.
my boys get softdrink and only ever lemonade and only when we go out for dinner which is maybe once or twice a month. that is their "bubble juice". we dont have it at home so they dont ask. if we were at a party like you were at, it would be 1 cup and thats it, no way in the world would they ever get 1 litre, thats just insane!
We probably started giving soft drink to our kids at about the age of 2, this would only be when we had take out for dinner so 1 a fortnight, or at a party, it would never be more than 1 or 2 glasses (if at a party), other than that its occasionaly juice when i buy it hardly ever but mostly water and milk. I dont see a problem with kids having it as long as its not their main drink and that they don't drink too much of it when they do have it.

sad WOW that is terrible, i feel the same as you on the subject.

DD who will be 3 in June occasionally gets lemonade at Hj's with her meal but thats watered down anyhow, dont think she has had it any othe rtime as at bday partys its usually juice
Well im a horrible mummy! I dont allow DS to have ANY fizzy drinks, occasionally he will be allowed to have 1 for his birthday or a VERY special occasion.
I have had horrible teeth from a young age, due to not looking after them (mine AND my parents fault). I had my 1st tooth pulled out at 9 years old.

He has had it, dont get me wrong, but i always make sure it is the Kirks lemonade with less sugar/no added sugar.

I have also got weight issues, which i REALLY do not want to pass on to my son. Each to their own, BUT your Uncle should be shot IMO. Thats disgusting! 1 Litre of fizzy drink for an 19 month old? Are you kidding me? That is just disgusting
I met a lady the other day who has an 8 year old kid and said he has only has water and milk since he was born, no juice no nothing!! I thought she's done a great job not giving him anything else.. although that's probably gone a bit too far. I will eventually start giving DD diluted juice, but fizzy drinks are a big NO NO.. we don't even buy it for ourselves, so I don't see a reason for her to have it.
I think thats disgusting!

DD is 3.5 and i can honestly say she hasnt had soft drink. If we go out for dinner or to a party, so far its been juice. Takeaway she always gets juice. She drinks water all day and is happy with that (she does have milk too).
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