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Jealousy/Insecurities? Rss

After reading the co-sleeping thread today, I really got the feeling that some people are not so much against things, but jealous that they could not achieve it, or insecure about the choices they're made for their own children.

I can understand that things don't always work out the way we hope, and it sometimes does for others, but I always am still happy for people.

I know I try not to judge other people and I'm sure most others don't as well, so it's led me to question where this jealousy and insecurity comes from. Are we so worried about the way we do things, that we perceive judgment where there is none? Have we painted a reality so hard to obtain, that when certain things fail, we feel less than.....?

Kelly and Serendipity

You are bang on there. People just need to realize that their way for their children is the right way, mum knows best. And for the rest of what other mum or dads do then that is okay, it may not be your way but it is their way.

I think alot of the sillyness on here is pure boredom.... It make you really wonder sometimes, I dont understand how a parent can say they are bored! There is always something to be done! Coming form me a mother of four... but still why can all these people be on the computer so much and just waste their time bicthing about how others do what etc....

I know I get on the computer sometimes at nap time or when hubby is finally home and I take ten minutes off duty ahhhhh like now haha.. smile
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