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Can i take Demazin when pregnant? Lock Rss

as the title states, can i take something like Demazin?

Ive had panadol but it does nothing at the best of times but my nose is dripping like a tap!!

i cant see anywhere that says "do not take if pregnant" but it says to consult your dr before use.

Im 23 weeks pregnant if that makes any difference.
Nope. Sorry.

Edit to include this link.... facts
google the nurse on call number and give them a bell. its a 24hr number and they will either tell you yes or no or give you a number to call an after hours pharmasist smile

if you dont have any luck, PM me and ill go get one of my nursing drug guides and have a look haha
it says not to take it without consulting a dr about the risk v benefit but the side effects are ones that ive never experienced when not pregnant so cant imagine would change because i am iykwim

i'll suffer through it but it sucks because im sitting here with tissues stuck up each nostril and having to change them every few minutes as they become soaking wet sad yuck!
if you are ever unsure, ring poisons they will give you a yes no answer for any medicines smile

Nope can't take it.

Do not take this medicine if you
are pregnant or plan to become
It may affect your developing baby if
you take it during pregnancy. Your
pharmacist or doctor will discuss the
benefits and possible risks of taking
the medicine during pregnancy

You poor thing! My dr told me it was ok to use rhinocort hayfever nasal spray when I was preggo. Caught a head cold weeks before my due date, worked wonders for me! Alternatively just use a saline spray. And gargle warm salted water if it moves to your throat.

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Polaramine is ok for pregnant ladies (not suitable for 3rd trimester from memory but ok before then). I have had it when I have been pregnant and had a bad head cold.

Hope you get some sleep tonight and feel better soon Em. xx

Im pretty sure you can take durotuss while preggers, duck into the chemist and have a chat to them.

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thanks very much for all the replies.
i have polaramine here so i might take one of them and hope it dries my nose up for the night! this wonder my poor DD has been a misery guts!
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