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first chiro appt today for dd2 Lock Rss

I'm taking dd2 to her first chiro appt and leaving in about an hour.

I'm nervous sad but mostly because I'm worried they'll find something obviously wrong with her which might explain her walking issues. I noticed this morning that one leg looks like its longer than the other....but maybe she was just lying funny.... huh

So, what can I expect??? What will they do, will she be sore afterwards? I remember someone mentioning their kid was very sleepy after an appt.
just to put your mind at ease before you go.

most people have one leg longer than the other. mine used to be out by 2 cm but isn't now after having adjustments. josh's is usually out each visit but his adjustment corrects it. so if they tell you she has one leg longer than the other, don't stress, its quite normal.

most likely they will use a little gun thing to adjust her. ask them to show you what if feels like (just on your hand) and it is really gentle. they should only do a manual adjustment if you are happy for them to do it.

ethan usually has the little gun for his back adjustments but usually has his neck done manually. it makes him cry, but its because they hear the crack i think.

they might not even need to adjust her neck though.

good luck, hope it helps!!

ETA - they shouldn't be sore afterwards if it is done right. i have never felt sore myself, and josh has never complained about it. he hasn't even been sleepy or anything afterwards. sometimes though, depending on what is adjusted, it can get the bowels moving lol. that happened with ethan after one of his adjustments, he had 3 dirty nappies afterwards!

oh another thing, it often improves sleeping, so that might be another benefit!

thanks chick...just the info I was looking for! I was hoping you'd reply but wasnt sure you were around yet with the time difference.

I'll update when we get home!
My little one's first chiro app was at 2 weeks!! She had bad colic and reflux and it helped immensly!! Major improvements. But i always found that the day after her chiro app she was really grizzly. Im just guessing that it was because her body was getting use to being back in line. But i have had no problems at all with her and the chiro. But seems that every adjustment, she poops like a trooper afterwards!! Hope it helps for you!!
we took DS2 at 2 weeks as well, and not sure if it is anything to do with that, but he has been the cruisiest baby (i think i just made up that word) i have ever met. he never got any of the reflux issues DS1 had, has always been a great sleeper, self settles, doesn't catnap, he is like a dream baby! almost enough to have me considering a third. eeek did i just say that haha. now i did say ALMOST!!!

DS1 started at 11 weeks and almost immediately his issues started improving. we were even able to stop using his gaviscon infant after his second adjustment!

we all go monthly now. it has also helped my migraines a lot.

if anyone else is considering taking their bub to chiro, i can't recommend it highly enough!

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