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Not like they used to be Rss

I HATE most of the kids shows on tv now.. especially that night garden rubbish and larry the lawnmower just annoys me. I suppose it is not as bad as some.

I used to adore watching raggy dolls, lamb chop, Smurfs, The snorks, Danger mouse, captain planet, Fireman sam, blinky bill etc etc

Blinky Bill was on the other day!!! I'd forgotten all about that show.

My favourites included gumbi, tin tin, captain planet, blinky bill, OMG raggy dolls I forgot about that show too!, twins of destiny, smurfs etc.
Couldnt agree more. My little pony and friends, atom ant, Mr potato head.

The new ones like pokemon actually scare me! Gives me nightmares!
i am going to go against the grain here and say that i prefer the new cartoons! the ones for the younger kids, not ben 10 and all those older ones lol.

i was given a dvd of old tom and jerry etc and let DS1 watch it. within 5 minutes he was chasing the dog around the house and trying to hit him with a toy hammer! i wonder where he got that idea from?!

we let DS1 watch things like mickey mouse clubhouse, cat in the hat, and a few others. i have found that he actually learns things from this - counting, alphabet, colours etc. of course we also teach him this as well, but the new cartoons also reiterate what we have taught him.

Awesome... Astro boy, Monkey Magic, Mr squiggle too!

OMG I remember having a Mr Squiggle toy! Wish I still had it, Mr Squiggle rocks!
hahaha glad i'm not the only one who loves all them shows!

I suppose though no matter what type it is, old or's going to influence children in some way.

I dont know why but telletubbies popped up in my mind lol whatever happened to them?..though even when I was little they really annoyed me haha

My DF and I were playing tuns from the older cartoons that we used to watch for DD and I was telling DF that they just don't make cartoons like they used to lol

I used to adore watching raggy dolls, lamb chop, Smurfs, The snorks, Danger mouse, captain planet, Fireman sam, blinky bill etc etc

I would rush home from school everyday just to watch them all haha It's amazing how much they have changed now though.

any one else agree?? laugh

OMG!!! Lamb Chop, I loved that show
The original bananas in pyjamas, arthur, franklin the turtle, barney! Old cartoons are the best

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

Loved mr squiggle lol I still see Arthur on tv and I still watch it with dd I don't get it though like his a aardvark and he has a pet dog that can't talk etc and isn't binky meant to be some type of dog??
I loved rug rats I didn't like rug rats all grown up though.
Captain planet I remember acting that show out at primary school ba ha ha ha
Dd loves the boomerang channel she loves Tom and Jerry and actually laughs her head off at it she hasn't done any copying of the show.
But one thing I will give these cartoons now like Dora or Mickey mouse club house or handy manny is there educational dd has learnt a bit off them like her shapes and that and I will repeat dora's questions to her and she will point out the answer I don't remember any show really being like that for us.
But yeah still love the oldies ohhh biker mice me and dp were talking bout that the other day lol
Oh I love the old skool cartoons! grin
Loved watching Captain Planet (still know the them song blink ), the old Looney Tunes Collection, Tom & Jerry, Arthur..LOL Mr Squiggle ~ Hurry Up! Love that blackboard! laugh
These days the cartoons are pretty much computerised sad I dont have paytv and never will but damn I wish those old cartoons were on normal tv! sad not fair!
my boy is at this moment watching the smurfs. he also watched looney tunes this morning and loves his tom and jerry dvd. the old stuff is great. i will take them over stupid you gabba gabba and dirt girl world anyday.
Yep! Cartoons these days leave alot to be desired in my book! give me back the golden oldies any day! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Some of my all time faves were The Gummi Bears, Gumby (i know not a cartoon as such but still awesome), Thundercats (tomboy much> lol) , Arthur - I still watch it sometimes oh and Babar. Tin Tin was another great one too... I could be here for days listing them all!

And I too know all the words to Captain Planet - Captain Planet, He's a hero! Gonna take pollution down to ZERO!

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