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We had DH's family over for tea, and BIL girlfriend told my 15 week old daughter to "shut her pie hole"... WTF?! She is just discovering her voice and whilst loud, wasn't screaming. Even if she was I really don't feel it is appropriate to say something of that nature to any child. This is the second time, the first being a few weeks ago when in the same sort of situation and she told DD to "shut up". I am so angry and am so disappointed in DH because I asked him to speak up if it happened again and he really didn't address it at all. I don't feel all that comfortable saying something myself as the family relations have been very rocky and as far as they are concerned i am the spawn of the devil in a skirt so anything I say that is deemed as negative is not taken well. I am going to have to soon though as I am so very against children being spoken to like that, especially when they are just discovering the world. Would you feel the same as me?
Sorry for the long post...


Yeah i agree, thats a bit harsh, especially saying it to a baby!!! especially the pie hole bit.

OMG!! Ummmm yes, I would be offended!! How rude! angry
angry Offended is an under statement angry
sorry but my inlaws think im the devil reincarnated but i would still of told her to shut her pie hole!
I can't even begin to portray how angry I am, she is just the the rudest, non caring person I know. I had to hold back and was hoping DH would speak up clearly and firmly, which didn't happen... sad I really hate his family sometimes. They are so frigging inappropriate and so low it just baffles me...


How horrible! What an awful person! Who the f would want a girlfriend like that?

Maybe you shouldn't join then for dinner for a while? Is the girlfriend likely to remain in the family?

Yes unfortunately. The other troubling part of it all is that BIL, MIL and FIL all thought there was nothing wrong with what she had said... blink


Wow that's crazy! She is really messed up and maybe he needs to aim higher when choosing partners.
Ok whole that side of family is screwed. I don't talk to my own mother anymore cause she started to be a bad influence on my family, cause of similar problems.
WOW!!! They actually thought there was nothing wrong with that.

Your DH needs a kick up the a**! That is his child that she said that to!!!

Does 'he' not see an issue with what she said?

To top it off, it was in your house. How dare she? I would have politely said if you don't like it the door's that way!

It all depends on the tone that she used when saying it but even in a joking way, it's not acceptable!!!

If your family relations are already rocky, maybe that is saying something. Do you really want your child around people like that.

Although your baby is too young to understand, when is it going to end? Is she still going to say those things when your baby is 3yrs old? Is it still going to be OK then? Allowing your child to be spoken to like this is totally degrading. What messages are you sending them? That's it's OK to be treated like this?

Never again if it was me!

I would definitely be offended and I would say so. Not in a rude way, but in a tone that conveys the seriousness of my opinion.

Your princess only has you to stand up for her and that is a job you have to take seriously. smile

Kelly and Serendipity

Id say she wasn't welcome anymore-what a cow!!!
Or if I can't do that, next time she says it say to her 'she's a baby, it's normal'??
What can she say to that???
Stand up for your baby, its your house its your rules, Never ever allow some one to speak to your baby in that manner...

Because if you don't stand up and say something now it will just escualte to worse things, Screw what your inlaws think. Its obvious the inlaws already dislike you, so say to this ferral women that ' you are not to speak to my baby this way, your in my house'. And if she doesnt like it she can LEAVE..

And to your dh ( i hope he reads this):

This is your own child your allowing some one to degrade with such disgusting and inappropriate language. It's time to stand up for your baby and wife.

If you don't stand up soon it causes massive strain in the relationship with your wife, and she begins to feel like you will never stand up for her.

And it's unfair for your wife to have to stand up to YOUR family all the time, it;s up to you as the man of the house to say something.

My dh never stood up to his mother & sister when they degraded me in front of other people and it caused massive strain in our marriage, because i felt like no one was on my side. I felt like the inlaws had free rain to walk all over me and the children.

Every time i said something to his mother or sister i was wrong, being nasty etc, but when he stood up to his family it was fine and they got the message.

Fast forward three years and we donot have any thing to do with the inlaws because of a legal matter, and at the end of the day my dh stood up and said enough is enough and my wife and children are not going to be treated this way, and if you donot like it mum/ sister then donot bother being in our lives..

Im not saying do this im jus trying to get your dh to stand up for you and your child NOW , not when things have got worse..

At the end of the day, you make sure people in your life donot treat your children or you with disrespect.

all the best

As a parent it is our job/role to speak/defend our children. i would not have been able to stand for that especially in my own home. who does she think she is?

to be honest i would be more hurt/angry at my husband for not sticking up for his wife and baby. mine does this to me all the time, his family can do no wrong and if i dare say something i am a nasty bitch.

you need to stand up now and let them know it is not acceptable or eles your setting yourself up for one hell of a battle later on.

good luck

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