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i would be offended if someone told me to shut up so i would be even more offended if someone told my child to shut up. i hate 'shut up'. it is so disrespectful.

you dont need to wait for your dh to say something. there is no reason for you not to say 'do not speak to my child like that'.
see, if one of my family member said that to my child i wouldn't hesitate to say "if you ever speak to my child like that again i'll kick your ass out the door" and there would not be a scene but if i dare say that to the inlaws not only would i have to deal with them but my hubby as well. That is why he should of said something...

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

We had DH's family over for tea, and BIL girlfriend told my 15 week old daughter to "shut her pie hole"... WTF?! She is just discovering her voice and whilst loud, wasn't screaming. Even if she was I really don't feel it is appropriate to say something of that nature to any child. This is the second time, the first being a few weeks ago when in the same sort of situation and she told DD to "shut up". I am so angry and am so disappointed in DH because I asked him to speak up if it happened again and he really didn't address it at all. I don't feel all that comfortable saying something myself as the family relations have been very rocky and as far as they are concerned i am the spawn of the devil in a skirt so anything I say that is deemed as negative is not taken well. I am going to have to soon though as I am so very against children being spoken to like that, especially when they are just discovering the world. Would you feel the same as me?
Sorry for the long post...

Yes i would of been offended.

I am in the same situation as you, i am the wife that stole there little boy away blah blah blah and i see why you didn't say anything but i maybe would of kicked my husband to say something then if he didn't then said something i would of said something like.... she is a bit young for pie my lovely and made a joke of it so everyone knew i heard what she said, sometimes that enough to make someone feel uncomfortable but understand why you didn't. My FIL doesn't even talk to me when we are at family functions and we have one once a month nearly as it always someone birthday, so its a bit obvious. I just try be the bigger person and i am sure it annoys them more as i am the happy out going lovely DIL but i have the joys of having a SIL i am extremely close to which help alot.
OMG.. My blood just starting boiling when i read what you posted, If anyone ever tells my children to shut up or shut there pie hole, they will know about it. Grrrr.. This post has made me abit annoyed now.

I couldnt careless if it was the queen or BIL bitch GF was telling my child to shut up id definately have a go at them.
Well if they already think you're the devil in the flesh maybe you can use that to your advantage. Wait until she starts talking and tell her to shut up in the rudest way you can think of. Do it a few times, maybe she'll realise what a idiot she is.
i would say "no, you shut your pie hole, since YOU are old enough to know how"

Thanks ladies, not offended by anyones post... Just a bit too hard to explain on the in laws front. I was going to say something, but had specifically asked DH to stand up for her and I, which clearly didn't happen. I wanted to give him the opportunity. I honestly couldn't have coped with WW3 last night which a comment from me would have started. I have the same concerns that everyone else has raised, and just wanted to get it out as it is bothering me so much. I have stood up for myself in the past, an ongoing issue. I try and balance my family for DH but decided last night that enough is enough.


Like a 15 week old really understands what was being said to her anyway. What a stupid woman to say that to her.

I'd be upset too. You are the only one who understands your family dynamics & you need to deal with these situations as you see fit.

All the best hun & maybe next time the GF will wear a pie in her pie hole. grin

Yikes, what an awful woman, I'd be furious too!

I'm guessing your DH hates confrontation, or he's so used to this kind of behaviour that he doesn't even notice? Maybe you need a bit of a signal in these situations, so he can recognise what is and isn't appropriate. I know it's a no brainer for you but sometimes males can be oblivious to those sorts of things, especially when it comes to family!

Perhaps suggest that until his family can respect ALL of you, that they should not be welcome in your home? We had a situation with one of DP's friends and I was always upset after he came over, that finally after numerous times of asking DP to deal with him, I threw an absolute hissy fit (at DP, not the friend) and forbid him from coming anywhere near us or our home. Unfortunately that's what it took for DP to realise how serious I was and I hated doing it but if he wasn't going to stand up for us then I had to. He's since realised what a tool this guy is and has stopped answering his calls etc and we haven't seen him since
I wouldn't be offended. I'd be pissed off! And guaranteed hubby would get an earful too! You and bub are his family now. He has an obligation to stand up to them for you! And if he doesn't, well then he probably never will. So if you need to wear the pants, put them on and use them!

She has no right to say that. They have no right to think it's ok. I would have had a go at her. No-one should treat a baby like that. How would she like it if someone told her to shut up and she couldn't stand up for herself? Stupid cow. I wouldn't invite her over anymore. Or any of them. they don't deserve to be in your bubs life if they allow an outsider to talk to their grandchild/niece like that.

see, if one of my family member said that to my child i wouldn't hesitate to say "if you ever speak to my child like that again i'll kick your ass out the door" and there would not be a scene but if i dare say that to the inlaws not only would i have to deal with them but my hubby as well. That is why he should of said something...

Honestly if your DH is the type to have a go at you for for standing up to something HIS FAMILY says to you or your kids, then his arse needs kicking out the door with the rest of them!!

How f***ing disrespectful can you get??

And as for that trashy mole telling a 15 week old to 'shut her pie hole" my house, her pie hole would have snapped shut with my fist under her chin, and after that she would have been tossed out the door...rude [email protected] the lot of them.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I assume she doesnt have kids? I wouldn't be offended, I would just laugh and think "wait for your turn and see if you like ME saying that to your baby"
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