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moon dough Rss

recently brought some for my 2.5yr old and MAN IT IS FUN FUN FUN! lol he loves his playdoh but this is just something entirely different, and its so much fun.

we got a food press one so know he actually goes and makes food for me to pretend to eat, its a crack up, and so easy to use for him and to CLEAN UP OMG 2 things that everyone parent looks for in a toy right, the fun factor and the mess factor, lol just had to share my enjoyment for the day. MOON DOUGH OH YEAH! lol
Really???? I hate the stuff angry GRR lol still trying to get the green marks out of my nice new carpet <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

i was considering getting some to try out, i am so sick of dried up hard balls of playdoh, and now that DS2 is about to start crawling i don't want him finding bits everywhere and trying to eat them lol. even after i have vacuumed i still find little bits of it all over!

we only have 1 carpeted room so DS1 doesn't play in there!

why don't you just make bread dough? then while they are creating (which they can either eat or cook or destroy) you can make real bread alongside them!

dd1 at around 2 making bread
I LOVE IT!!! And if DD refuses to clean it up i just vacuum it up on her hahahahahaha!! Best stuff ever
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