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Oprah Lock Rss

I was watching oprah!! And i was really thrown about the cyber bulling and it truly got me thinking about this website and some of the bullying that goes on here!! I know we are meant to be mother's but some times i feel that some of them mother's on here act like bullies!! Dont you all think?
I agree.. Especially after all the crap that went down earlier in the week.. Some of those things said were a lot worse than any cyber bullying Ive seen/heard about with kids or teens!

I agree. There are some women on here who are bullies. They know who they are and so do the majority of other members. We'll never be rid of them unfortunately but as long as people are aware of them they can avoid and ignore them.

It's a shame though that they feel the need to bully others. But to make up for them there are plenty of others who are friendly and nice and don't resort to nasty measures to feel important.

I was away for the last week... what did I miss?

the popcorn girls!! lol...
I agree I have seen some real mean comments like I posted on the home schooling thread and I thought I offended some one and felt so guilty that I pm her and also on the thread I didn't offend thank god I really never ever wanna offend anyone ever
i think to, that alot can be mistaken on here. Just like txting. Becuase you dont have a voice to put it to, you can't hear the wya it's going out and it can come across really mean.

But apart from those popcorn biarchs, i havent ever seen anything else mean, or taken wrongly on here. That was honestly probaly the harshest thing i have EVER read. Those women were just nasty!

Please ladies! if i offend you in anyway, do tell me! cos i don't wanna come across as being a "popcorn"!

agree and sooner they grow up and realise that their words hurt people the better off we will all be!!

Bullying is insecurity...
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