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So after studying cars for the past year! We looked at Kia Grand Carnivals (Heaps of boot space even with rear seats up), Tarago's (hold their resale value!) and Honda Odyssey's (bit more car like and luxurious) but they were all a bit out of our preferred price range. So we have put a deposit on a Mazda MPV. They no longer make them as they were superceeded with the CX9 I think?

We were trying to decide between people mover and 4WD, and did look at some 4wd's - prado, pajero (I have an older Pajero and quite liked the newer ones) and it was a hard decision! You can only pick one! A 4wd would have been nice in the event we one day get a caravan etc but the likelihood of this happening is slim anyways.

How had everyone else gone in the quest for vehicles?

Like you we wanted a seven seater. We looked at a pajero, Landcruiser, Kluger, patrol nearly everything. I wasn't in love with the patrol or landcruiser. Pajero looked quite good, but we settled for a Nissan PAthfinder we picked it up on tuesday. I love it so much. It still has the 7 seats and heaps of room but it nots massive like a landcruiser. Has so many features like a car and you dont even feel like you are driving a 4wd! It sounds good the mazda you got. They are heaps better then the new mazda cx9. Apparently you can't even fit 3 car seats in them!!!! hope you get your car soon!!!!

In the same Debate lol
We just got a new car prob over a year ago while I was pregnant not knowing there were two in there at the time!!!
We want another cue,d down the track which means we will need a bigger car I want a van like a Kia but dp has his heart set on a 4 wd it won't be for a while till we get the loan down for this car we are still just looking at our options and price range.
He also wants a 4 door hilux the one with the tray on the back like a ute sort thing but trying to drum in it into his head that we will be back at square one with five seats men <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
He wants the whole camping experience with a 4wd but I am not a fan of camping lol
We have had our Kluger for 6 months now and I am absolutely in love with it!! It is a 7 seater, there is so much room and so easy to park.
It is so hard to decide when it comes to cars, the day we went looking I was determined I was coming home with either a Mazda CX 7 or a Nissan Dualis, we never even considered a Kluger!!
Good luck with the car hunting, you will find the right one that suits you and your family grin
We bought a Prado a few months ago, diesel 8 seater. I love it! we only have one child atm and DF works away so it has plenty of room LOL. we bought it because we are planning on taking a trip to northern WA next year and travelling around for a few months, so we are slowly fitting it out with the right gear. BUT its turning more and more into a big blokes toy and i feel like im driving a bloody truck most days! so in 2 years we will buy me a smaller 4wd to have as my car. Thinking of a rav4 or hyundai, really not too sure!

i am about to have my 4th child & we have a landcruiser, which i love, its easy to drive & park & is good on fuel (we have a diesel) & doesn't feel at all like a truck to drive & i can still fit 3 car seats in the back without a problem & my oldest will be in the boot with a booster seat & that fits well



very roomy,can fit 3 SnS carseats or Maxi's across the back seat with ease.

Only downfall to them is they like fuel....
We recently brought a 8 seater petrol Prado. I love this car! lots of room the anchor points for the car seats are on the backs of the seats so no anchoring to the floor like some station wagon type cars. A lot of people are suprised by how well they drive for a 4wd, very quiet and smooth and drives like a medium sized car but has the bonus of being able to tow and go off road smile We are planning on doing a lot of camping and have a ski boat so need it for towing but highly recommend them. We looked at lots of different 4wds and large cars and this was by far the best for us. smile

Keep all your replies coming girls!! We are wanting to get a new car and I suggested to hubby to get at least a 7 seater car.. I really really REALLY want a Mazda CX9 but financially it just might not be realistic.

We are planning bub no. 3 soon which will be our last but we do babysit my sister and niece and nephews often so i want the flexibility of seating more people..

Hubby really wants his 4wd and has been looking into a Toyota Hilux duel cab but I said from what I have heard on here, they arent good for car seats.. although DS will be out of his booster mid this year. Then we would trade in our Toyota Sportivo for a 7 seater.. grin

Decisions decisions..

we settled for a Nissan PAthfinder we picked it up on tuesday. It sounds good the mazda you got. They are heaps better then the new mazda cx9. Apparently you can't even fit 3 car seats in them!!!! hope you get your car soon!!!!

I don't think we looked at a Pathfinder... hmmm.. sounds good though. How exciting for you that you just picked it up! Oh well if you can't fit 3 carseats in the cx9 it wouldn't be much help. We use 2 carseats + 1 booster and would like more children.

Hey, we have a Honda Stream,

I hadn't heard of these before, so I googled it! Looks nice, like the newer Odyssey's. There was a blog re Stream vs Odyssey (the Odyssey has van doors whereas the ones I looked at has carlike doors IYKWIM).

FYI He bought the Stream. Article follows:

DH has a Toyota Hilux dual cab for his work vehicle (until we move and he starts a new job next month) and that fits 2 carseats + booster in the backseat but as he pointed out prior to getting new job, would be no help if/when we have a 4th child as its a 5 seater. So my car will be the main family vehicle and in the meantime he will drive our spare car, a 5 seater Toyota Camry wagon.

We advertised my Mitsubishi Pajero for sale on Saturday by parking it at the bottom of our road and within 2 hours a guy rang, took it for a test drive and put in an offer subject to RW & paid a deposit. So fingers crossed!!! It goes in tomorrow or Wednesday, apart from maybe needing front tyres as the tread is getting low I think it should be fine....

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