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Do clocks go back 1 hour Lock Rss

as above LOL
Stress's me out i have work tomorrow but if my phone doesn't change i'll just be early which is better then the other way around and being late LOL

Yep, that means tomorrow my day will start at 3:45am rather than 4:45am... *cry*

Oh my goodness, I'm so confused! Doesn't it mean you will actually get an extra hour? As in, instead of getting up at the usual 4.45, the clock will say its 3.45 which means you can go back to sleep for an hour?

Yes that's right but you know what kids are like if they decide 4.45 is usual wakeup they aren't going to go back to sleep because the clock says 3.45 that's what i guessed she meant by that anyway LOL
I kept my kids awake as long as I could tonight, in the hope that they will sleep longer in the morning and adjust to the DLS change easier.

Knowing my luck it will backfire on me and because I have changed their routine they will wake even earlier than normal! lol! blink

I put mine to bed 1/2 hour later but they usually sleep till 7 - 8 so at worst it should be 6.30ish LOL i'll be at work so it's dps problem tomorrow
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