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Im interested to hear your baby proofing challenges and if you were able to over come them?

What tips do you have for baby proofing your home?

We are putting together some real life baby proofing tips from real mum's for our website.

My best tip is to enclose the gap at the bottom of furniture with perspex. Under our TV low line we enclosed the gap. Now toys etc cant escape and be chased down by little fingers. As the perspex is clear you also dont notice it.

So tell me about yours? smile
We never really bothered much with baby proofing our house, all the kids just had to grow up learning what they could and couldn't touch. The main thing we did was put safety covers in the power points, the rest they just learnt what was acceptable and what wasn't.
Giggles I agree and we only have one room of our house baby proofed. We like the idea of bd having one space that has limited rules. Its the main living area for the whole family.

i didnt bother with baby proofing, (yes i know it sounds terrible) but i had my DD learn whats ok and whats not, but when she was little she used to open the draws on my bedside table so i took the knobs off lol

but not baby proofing has worked for me, as in the place im in all the storage in kitchen is low, so all medications and cleaning stuff cant be put up high but by me teacher her she knows not to touch any of them and has done since she was 2!!
Astaaria we do the same with closing the toilet, bathroom doors. We put gates up to block the kitchen off, much easier for us then securing or moving stuff in the kitchen.

I also go the older kids to keep lego playing to the bedrooms only.

Its all pretty simple stuff.
We didnt do anything other then put the safety cap things in the power points.
Neither of my children ever put things in their mouths but the older one was careful about leaving smallish things lying around.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

I downloaded the checklist from the kidsafe website. I found that really helpful because it listed things to check that had not even occured to me. It's one thing to say 'I will teach my kids what to touch and what not to touch' but turn your back for a minute and something can happen before you can teach not to touch! I know a kid who pulled a TV over on themself.
Mum of JJ that is a great tip! We actually sell the TV safety straps to Kidsafe and I hadnt noticed the checklist before. I just found the link for anyone that wants it

Kidsafe checklist

Another thing I know Kidsafe suggests to help prevent driveway run overs is to discourage your children from using the driveway as a play area. This is something I would not have thought about.
i have locked the medicine cabnet which is up high anyway. i have safety locks on the OLD tv cabinet, but not the new one (mag locks) and i have mag locks on the bathroom cainets with my creams and any chemicals in them

bottom draw bathroom has not been locked but only has toothbrushes etc in them.

and aside from that, just what i call the 'baby sweep' get down at their level and check what will fit in mouthes. plus power point plugs.

i dont put anything out of reach, best they learn what can and cant be touched, i dont block kitchen or bathroom (i had tap caps in use at one stage but not at moment)

my most important safety device being used is the babygates at front and back door smile

the only time this works against me is when kids visit who have never been taught what NOT to touch, cause they get into EVERYTHING!

I had to tie up the freezer door! I was finding items defrosting in his bedroom and he kept leaving the door open!!!!!!
I dont really child proof anything..not much for her to get into cool
The only thing we c.proof is put in those plastic outlet plug protectors in the outlets/packs and hide the cords, lock the bathroom door, if we use the oven..we have the oven light on so she is aware something hot is cooking..and she knows it, she points at the oven! Hmm I think thats about it smile
The only childproofing we did was put those little sticky things on the kitchen cupboards (which lasted for a month or two) and buy a gate for the stairs. DD wasn't the curious type though. The worst she did in the kitchen was open a cupboard and pour the oil from the oil pot down her front and on the floor. After that we just arranged the couches to block her escape from the living room (we lived in a VERY tiny townhouse). And powerpoints were always behind things so she couldn't reach them.
Even when she started walking she didn't get into anything. We were lucky I guess.

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