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How big is your TV? Lock Rss

LG 42'

LG 42'


LG 42'

Same lol

Umm 40 something inch lol??
Our main TV is a 42" Samsung

Would like to get a bigger one soon, perhaps a 50"
we have 2, both 50inch, one is an LG and the other is a for upstairs and one for down stairs

I actually just bought a new TV yeaterday! Its a LG 47' led. Love it!

And yes, their was a great special on LG's!

we have an LG 50 inch... which currently has two lines down it because off a faulty panel... so we are getting it fixed if it cost to much to fix they will just give us a new tv...
52 inch Sony and 46 inch Sharp. Hubby got a tv downstairs which is the Sharp.

46 inch Sony

60' LG. And I LOVE it tongue tongue
Which one? lol

50inch Panasonic plasma.. hubby swears by panasonic!

LG 36inch in bedroom and another (not sure what brand) but same size in office.. and we also have 3 of sil's t.v's in our shed!! All these ones are old school.. not sure what u call them
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