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Hi Everyone

Sorry for the rant in adance

Not a very happy day for me i have just opened my mail and have recieved an Account Payable from Centerlink angry

I don't receive any of my family tax until end of year when our tax returns are completed as I never wanted to receive a bill from them. So we have finally got around to doing our tax returns and was paid my FTB of just over 6K, I always contact Centerlink to double check there payments I was assured everything was correct and the money was mine, I felt comfortable with the decision as I have never had a problem with them before, so I transferred the money to my DD managed fund which you can add to but not break until she is 18,( hopefully will be her college fund ).

Until Today they have just sent me a letter saying I was overpaid 2k and they have recouped half from my tax return and now I have to pay them the difference by 30/05/2011, I am absoultley furious, I have contacted Centerlink and they said there had been an error so an adjustment had to be made.

I was counting on my Tax refund and have been wondering when I was going to receive it as it was done over 1 month ago.

The guy from Centerlink was very sorry for the error and was sorry that it had placed me in financial hardship as I now don't have the money to pay it back and has placed my case to the appeal process not that i think for a minute that centerlink are going to care about me I would just be a number to them, what I am really pissed about is this is the reason we wait to the end of the year is so this doesn't happen.

I am going to fight this all the way I don't think i should be accountable if it was their error, they had all the finanical information I wasn't even involed it was totally there processing department.

just wondering if any one has had this happen to them and what the outcome was.

Sorry for the rant but I am angry angry angry

I hope you made notes about the date & time you called them, who you spoke to if possible and got a receipt number for your call as you will need them to prove you gave them all the relevant information.

You should have also recieved a letter from Centrelink giving you the details of your FTB payment and how it was made up ie FTB A & FTB B, any underpaid amounts owed to you.....I have a feeling it also lists your taxable income but I can't locate my last letter to confirm it.

Definitely make a complaint as so many people get f***ed over with overpayments after giving them correct details, I'm repaying a debt myself after them not adjusting payments when DF changed jobs and me notifying them the day he started there.

Don't be surprised if you end up having to repay them.....they can take the overpayments in an amount that YOU nominate so don't let them bully you by telling you that they have to take some ridiculous amount in a short space of time to repay it. I'm repaying $20/fortnight until it's paid off and as long as you remain on Centrelink payments (even if you only get $1.00/fortnight after they take the repayment) they cannot demand that it be repaid in a lump sum.

Good luck....I really hope it all works out in your favour smile

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

My friend got 3 letters like that within 2 weeks and each had a different amount owing.

It ended up being a system error that was picking up something from when her and her hubby had separated (5 years ago). They were back together within a year but the Centrelink system suddenly showed them as still being separated and that he should have been paying maintenance or something completely random like that.

I would triple check everything because it could be some rediculous system stuff up and you can guarantee they aren't going to check it for you.

So stressful for you. I hope it works out in your favour.
hey chick make sure you push for the appeal and then even if it still comes back as a debt push it again and ask for a complete break down of amount that should be paid compared to amount paid and also that you want it in writing where the error was made and by whom, they will tell you they don't know but demand to get all the details. I did this about 9 years ago - similar situation really only they said I owed 4200 and something, well I narked up (as you do) and I kept pushing and pushing. I ended up getting a reviewer and it took bloody ages but I refused to pay a cent until I had the documentation showing the debt (had they given it I would have paid it) anyway the reviewer come back with $216 in MY favour. I still got all the paperwork from the reviewer because by god if they had sent me another bill it would have been on for young and old lol

I guess also that no-one could actually tell me where or how I had been over paid that really got to me...

good luck

Leigha''s little men smile

Hi Sweets.

Good luck with your appeal. You should fight them, I am so sick of hearing about families being screwed over by Centrelink and sadly it is mainly the families who try to do the right thing.

My friend's mum did the right thing and they took her to court for $13,000 and won even though it was their advice that she followed and this was years after the fact. Poor woman now has a criminal record and has to claim it when travelling over seas. Another served time for a misunderstanding that was partly caused by the fog of PND!

Fight them sweets and I hope to God you win!!!!

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Fight them. It is always the honest people getting screwed over.

Have you used the FAO calculators. They will tell you pretty much what your entitlement is based on the info you gave Centrelink. For the years coming use these calculators to get an estimate of what you should be getting back and if theres a huge difference to what you actually receive back, just keep questioning it
That's excellent to read your tax payer process in the emergency case because sometime we forgot to return our file and FBR send you a notification or email. This is amazing to share your stories on the huggies forum where I'm able to get assignment help 4 me which I can manage my task. Keep it up!
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