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I am wanting to get DS1(4) a NintendoDS, I don't know if I should get him the new 3D one, A new older model (Plus games) or a 2nd hand older model with a couple games included?

I know a seemingly easy decision but I just can't decide!
I guess it just depends on how much you want to spend. My DS is 3 and he plays my ds sometimes. It's an older one and he mainly likes to play with the sounds. I don't think I'd want him playing a 3D one tho and we limit the time that he plays with it.

One of my friends works in the gaming industry and he doesnt like the 3d ds. They had it in their office for a while before it came out. He said while the graphics are really good, after half an hour of playing it everyone got a massive headache.

My older 2 have the DSi and dont want the newer one and they love theirs if that helps any.

My DF said the 3D ones do mess with your eyes, and do give you bad headaches after a while.
Anything 3D really would be quite bad on your eyes.

You can get some pretty good deals 2nd hand if you browse around and look in more places then one.

second hand!
I would recommend buying new!
When we bought my son a secondhand Xbox 360, it only lasted a year! (same thing happened to my brother).
It decided to die just after xmas when my son got heaps of xbox games (good timing!) but now hes happy with his latest new xbox! grin

But its up to you..personally I rather buy new wink
With secondhand, you dont know if it has been damaged..a risk you take gasp
Thanks for the replies, I'm going new and getting him a DSiXL (I think it is?) target have them on special for $199.

It's only really going to be used if we are waiting (ie: Drs) and for the car when he is going to his dads.
i am going to get my son who will be turning 7 a DSi XL


I'd be getting him a book,. there is no need to be buying a 4 year old a game centre....
I agree with Subzero on this... but if you are going to get one, then check out ebay. That's where I got mine and it came with 100 games. My girls are not allowed to touch mine, as I think that they are too young. But personal choice.
Yeah i agree with the other posters re the 3ds- i think it would get annoying after awhile. It seems more of a fad that may be alright the first few plays but after that you'd just wanna play a 'normal' game. I agree it would proberly hurt your eyes after time. (the same reasons i dont like 3d movies- gives me a headache sad )
Good choice on the dsxl smile

Surely giving a computer game device to a 4 yr old is just lazy. Why not give them a soccar ball. Or a book? At that age they need better stimulation than a hand held device. It just teaches them to sit inside on the couch all day playing by themselves.
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