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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Lock Rss

I just found out im pregnant!!!!!

And now im crapping myself because we have just taken out a loan for a new car as mine has pooped itself!!

Congratulations?? I am guessing you are happy about it? Despite the car loan being bad timing.... but I am sure that will work itself out! laugh

Wow!! How exciting!!! Congratulations- and now make sure the new car can fit the extra car seat! grin

Congratulations. Gee these babies like to pop up when big things happen lol
Big Congrats

yay how exciting
Congratulations!!! how exciting grin

congratulations !!! We were renovating our bathroom when I found out I was pregnant with DS #1 and also doing the kitchen - Don't you just love our bubs timing LOL
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