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Someone selling the ELC toys - the Castle and the Rocket - for $65 each!! Are they actually worth this much? I have no idea.

I would hope that these are not people who have claimed them from Huggies and then are trying to sell them for a profit.

The people who have missed out on the promotion would want their blood!!! huh

Yeah I used to work in a boutique that sold ELC toys. They are worth a little more I think I seem to remember the castle for about $80. Could be wrong. How funny is that though? We are definitely thrifty in these GFC times. I just sold my car on the weekend as I hardly use it. So we have gone from 2 cars to 1 to cut costs.

PS: But that is a bit harsh for the amount of people that missed out though!
I just googled them to see how much they are worth on the ELC website.

$75 for the Rocket and $65 for the Castle. I am actually a little shocked at that!!

Mind you, mine haven't arrived yet so I am unsure how big they are or what they do really. Or is it just imaginative play??

Well there you go.
I have never seen the rocket but the castle to my memory was pretty decent size. It was definitely a great promo. I can't believe how quick someone has been with getting that on eBay though.
thats terrible. Whats the point. Some people are greedy.

there basically for imaginative play... a good way for your kids to expand there minds etc... the ELC website has the castle for $65 not sure about the rockit though...
I can't believe someone could do that.
I'm so looking foward to bub rocket arriving.
Wonder who going to have more fun bub, hubby or me.

We bought DS the rocket just over a year ago and it was $95 then. Of course they came down in price a bit a few months later. But even at $95 my DS has had so much fun with it - totally worth every cent.

We were lucky and received a castle but I imagine those who missed out would be pretty annoyed to hear that.

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as someone who sent their claim form in on April 6th, and still missed out - that pisses me off. Its opportunistic, and greedy. But is a chance to make some extra $$

I had organised for mum to pay the postage, and she was going to put them away for DD and DS4 for Christmas.
Looks like I'll have to save the barcodes for the next promotion - if they ever get returned.
I'm not shocked, gee people sell sets of barcodes for the huggies promos, so why not the actual toy?

I figure once they claim and receive the toy, it is theirs to do with as they wish. Who knows, maybe they need the cash to help make ends meet and it would be a nice little profit considering they only had to pay postage on the toy to get it. Maybe they are opportunistic and saw the promo as a chance to make some $$$. It is their toy, they can do what they like with it tbh.

Ricki, how come you missed out?

I sent mine on april 9th and it says payment processing and its valid so im assuming mines ok.

Hope you get them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I sent in 2 claim forms. The first one was for a rocket for my 2 year old son, which we recieved and he is over the moon, it's his new favourite toy. The second one was for the castle which i was going to give to my sisters 4 year old triplets as they are on a really tight budget and can hardly ever afford to buy the girls nice toys!! We missed out on the castle (barcodes and payment sent back to me) and I was really bummed out as i've already told the girls i got it for them. It really makes me mad that there were parents who genuinely wanted those toys for their children (or their neices in my case) and we missed out because of selfish people who saw this generous promotion as a money making opportunity. Shame on those people!!! I'll still buy one of the castles for my neices but not off the huggies members selling them on eBay.
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