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Cheap easter eggs V Brand Chocolate Eggs Lock Rss

As a child every year Mum got us eggs..... CRAP crazy clarks $2 for 10 eggs!!! lol laugh

Ok so we ate them!! But i loved when my auntys and Nanna gave us ours as as gifts they always were cadbury or lindt! lol

I have ALWAYS made it a thing for myself to get my kids nice eggs.

But in saying that we dont go over board at all... Just a small bag of little tiny eggs for the hunt and a medium sized egg at the end.

So maybe $20 for 2 kids!!! I'll tell you for sure at the end of the day as i have to buy them this morning lol....

But it just got me thinking what other parents buy?
The kids are getting one crap chocolate each as it comes with the cups we got them, lol. Other than that I love my red tulip and cadbury. Including my neice and nephew and my other nephew (have known his mum all her life) I have spent $30 all up.

we only do quality chocolate here. lindt, haighs or maybe red tulip.
I agree, it used to be really disappointing when you get an egg, get all excited then you taste it and its like........ohhhhhhhhhh.....let down

So i wont be getting crappy eggs for my kids either, no matter what their age. Except this year i got a toy story bowl set and it came with an egg which is probly a cheapy but iv just got some other cadbury ones for an easter egg hunt. Either way im sure my boy will be totally stoked! Its his first easter that he will get whats going on and he loooovvves carckle (choc) grin
Cadbury, all the way. My husband would never forgive me if I gave him anything else! lol

I know the crappy chocolate is cheap and easy, but its really quite gross.
Dd is still pretty young so this is her first Easter hunt we are having my cousin and her dd stay over the night so in the morning the girls can do the hunt together I have probably gone over board a little considering there young still but dp will eat what they don't for sure lol.
I have bought a mix really I have mostly cadbury but a couple of cheapy ones too I didn't feel comfortable spending $17.00 on a large bag of hunting eggs thatbwere a good brand lol
I'm just hoping it won't rain it's been raining all week sad
for the egg hunt i get a big bag of the small cheap eggs but for their main egg i get cadbury or lindt.

yum chocolate smile

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Only cadbury here grin

I hate that cheap stuff haha

Went a tad overboard with my easter egg shopping this year, DD is going to be stoked when she sees how many eggs she's getting lol
i buy cadbury one here as my kids share lol so i buy what i like
If you go to kmart they have a kilo bag of little easter eggs for easter egg hunts for lke $5 and they arent crappy. (but they dont taste as good as cabury)

My mum use to buy us an good easter egg lik cabuary or something then give us $20 to spend on a toy because everyone in the family would buy us easter eggs and we would end up heaps hyped,
Only buy Cadburys here. My boys will hunt for I create of 20 cadburys hollow eggs, 1 big bag of solid cadburys eggs and the Easter bunny will also give them a cadburys humpty dumpty egg each and Dh and I have got them a cadburys bunny each.

I don't care how much chocolate they eat on Easter, they don't normally eat much chocolate.
Easter is one of the 2 days of the year where I don't make my kids eat breakfast.

If you go to kmart they have a kilo bag of little easter eggs for easter egg hunts for lke $5 and they arent crappy. (but they dont taste as good as cabury)

lol...goes to show how tastes differ. We bought a heap of those eggs for an egg hunt at ds kinder and only a few of the kids would eat them. I tasted one and spat it out too.

Cadbury or Red Tulip is the baseline in this house. My hubby and I have a thing for Elegant Rabbits. We fill the cupboards with them in the hope that they will breed!

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

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