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Reading your notice at the top about someone sending promotional private messages, i just received one.
Someone called *Administrator* just sent me a PM about winning a supply of nappies.

just so you know! and everyone else!
hmmmm very sus. Sounds like they're just making new profiles and are still sending the PM's blink
Yep, I got one this morning.
was me who reported it to the mods smile its a scam they said, and thats when they put the notice up in here

I just received one too, first thing I did was report it.. If it wasn't a pinned topic I never would of known...
Please use the Contact A Mod button to let us know if you do receive one of these Private Messages. In your message please also let us know the name of the member who sent you the PM.

Many thanks
i got one too... though it says that it's been deleted... i only clicked to open it then on report... so not sure... but yeah it was from administrator i think

Also got one this morning.

Have already reported it smile

Im curious what the link does and how it affects you?

i didn't get one about a nappy comp, but i got one from a member called johnytemp, and it just said "hi". no links or anything. but might be another dodgy account that needs to be gotten rid of?

sends through various sites, one being a tracker site. they flick through that fast that i had to click print screen to be able to read the name of it. i did a virus scan, but it didnt pick anything up. but the page it prompts you to fill in, does appear to have been a huggies comp but obviously it isnt. asks you to fill in name number addy etc etc. all of which kimberly clark would already have from your subscription! what made me extra suspicious is that at the bottom of this form, its got other things like those 'win a ipad by answering these questions' etc

I have reporting them

Yep I got one too
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