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over easter..... Lock Rss

Hhhmmm ok so i thought the bunny came sunday ngt cause every1 said he comes sunday but now apparently its my fault the eggs aren.t where we are staying there 1/2 hour away so my partner cracked ta shits at me ! i.m sorry but i bought them u knew they werent here u coulda reminded me b4 i had a drink last ngt so i coulda gone or at least of gotten the car out and i woulda gone at 2.30 this mornin when i couldnt sleep but no so now i gta hope he gets them all and gets bak b4 the kids wake up! but they dont know the bunny was comin last ngt cause no1 said ne thin 2 me! feel like such a bad bunny! hope the day gets better! Anyway sorry to vent on here but cant talk 2 anyone atm :~(

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

try not to beat urself up bout it hun, wen i had my first i had to ring mum and check which night he came as i couldnt remember. if he didnt make it back in time u could always say he took them to ur house, if ur staying somewhere else, by mistake. he is a very busy bunny after all.
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