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On saturday night, I burnt the back of my legs (calf) sad
The left side of my leg isnt too bad as the burnt skin hasnt peeled but my other leg is measures 22cm in length and 8-3cm in an upside down iron shape. Its painful due to the skin being peeled whilst asleep.
Went to hospital last night and he said its a superficial burn and will heal 1-2weeks and bandaged me up.
Im just worried it will scar even though he said it wont sad

How did you manage to do that? blink (If you don't mind me asking that is!)

If the Dr said it wouldn't scar then I think as long as you take care of it and try not to damage it when it scabs it shouldn't scar and if it does it would be minimal.

I took a stumble backwards and ended up burning both my legs on the metal pot bonfire sad
A doctor told me that as long as you keep the area well moisturised then it shouldn't scar. He then gave use some cream, well it was more like a gel really, it was something parrifin based (from memory) to put on morning and night. (DD pulled a cup of boiling water on herself - one of the most traumatic things we've ever been through! Luckily there have been no lasting effects due to the magic of cold water ASAP)
Im sorry to hear about your kills to watch your child in pain! sad
If you have an Aloe Vera plant, use the juice from the leaves of that on your burn daily. The stuff works miracles and will rarely leave a scar!! We have about 5 of them and I use them on cuts, burns and bruises.

I had a pretty major burn on my leg when i was a teenager. It was from an electric fry pan.... it a long story LOL smile But i didnt get water on it quick. We were in the middle of nowhere and the doctor had to be called out (the fire brigade said that their burn stuff wasnt good enough for my burn as it was too bad... so i know i did it bad!) I left skin on the fry pan. The burns (there were 3)were about 35 cm;s long and varying in widths from 3cm to 10cm's.
Anyway, I dont really have a scar. i didnt religiously out stuff on it, but i did occasionally put pure vit E oil on it. If you look really closely and you knew what you were looking for you would find it, but other wise you would never know.
Goodluck, i hope it doesnt hurt too long!!

Thanks everyone for your replies smile

Well I went to the chemist on sunday morning and they said not to put anything on it and told me to buy a sterile pad to put over it.
So I ended up going to the hospital later that night, and the doc put a layer of some mesh sticky stuff over the burn which is to stay on until it completely heals, then he put a sterile pad over it and bandaged it up and said I need to change the pad every 4-5days.

Im going to make an appt tomorrow at my local GP and get him to change the dressing as im too scared to look at it sad

Not only but also, Im going to ask if I need a tetanus shot..
I dont know if I ever got a tetanus shot when I was young and when the doc at the hospital asked me if I had one I said I dont know..I asked if I need one and he said no.

But do you think I need one?? huh

Oh you poor thing ! I hope you feel/heal better soon.
By the way love your piccy of your cat.He looks like he is wearing a little black bow tie

Thanks hun <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Haha thanks, my cat is a female and her name's PussPuss..but my DF calls her a runt <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span>
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