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just wondering if anyone's little princess has a dora and pegius (sorry prob. splet that wrong) horse? just wondering what they actually do? and if ur dd plays with this item, my daughter is turning 3 and was thinking of getting her 1 but wasn't actually sure what they do lol
I'm not sure if a new one has come out as the on my daughter has was bought in 2009.
The Pegasus walks in a horselike motion but only on a hard floor and there are three buttons around Pegasus' neck which put it into different modes. From memory one is just walking ans singing, another tells stories and the other is where as it goes along it's wings also come out. I THINK!!!!

To be honest it has sat on the top shelf most of the time. Not sure if this is due to it not being much fun or that it's hard to play with when you have a 2yr old brother who wants to play too. My kids are not short on toys either!

As I said it has hardly been used and not for a long time so I can't promise what I said is 100% correct. My daughter was three when she received it so i'm not sure if age was a factor too. Maybe she would play with it more now.

thanks that pretty much clears it up thanks heaps for the price i kinds hope she does lol but again thanks
When my daughter was younger it was all she ever wanted!! -every time we went to the shop she would look at it and push the buttons.
She got one a couple of years ago and it just sits there.
It is hard to get Dora to sit on properly and to keep her from falling while walking the Pegasus around.
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