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How old are you? Lock Rss

I'm 37, turning 38 in September. Good to see a few of us on the right side of 35!!! I like to say: "It's all uphill from here!" grin

mmmm, feel like I'm headed uphill most days too.... laugh
im 26
35 last January. Eeek!

I had the dating scan for this baby last October and read on the form that my expected maternal age at delivery would be 35- I almost had a fit thinking that sounded too old to be me!

i am 36 and loving it laugh

25 smile
I'm 32
I'm 26.
Im 26 grin
31, but feel at least 20 years older!

I turned 30 on the day of the Royal Wedding. Can't say I remember much of either wacko

Hey! Me too!!!

Hmmm... Just one small difference.

I turned 33!!!

Hey! You wanna swap????

21 a week ago today!! :/
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