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How old are you? Lock Rss

on the downhill run to 40....
I will be 25 on Thursday smile

I will be 25 on Thursday smile

Thursday's my birthday too smile(just a little bit older than you though....turning 35)

Just turned 35 but my DH is 29 and you're only as old as the man you feel apparently tongue

My 4 year old son thinks I'm 8. Cos 8 is soooo much older than 4.

Im 22 smile but if im as old as the mani 34 ..... Eek ! Lol

I'm 26 years young and I'm 27 in October
26 turning 27 in June

Great. Am i the oldest here?
I hope not.
I dont want to be the granny of huggies. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad

I am 42.
Oh yeah baby 42.
But i feel about 25.
And look about 30.
And my Dp is only 35, so i feel younger than i am.

Oh who cares i am bloody 42!!
35 turning 36 in Aug.... DH is 42
Our first bubba on the way and I'm feeling much older!
Im 21 smile
25.. till next month
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