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How old are you? Lock Rss

I'm 26
I am 26, 27 in December.

You could have your baby on your birthday!!! My MIL's birthday is the 19th also!

Wouldn't that be a birthday present! It is also my neices birthday, and DF and I's anniversary grin

I turned 30 just 2.5 wks after DD was born.

So far my dirty 30's have been all about baby poop, spilt milk, squished food and sloppy drool kisses and I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

I love that! Think it is so cool that you said that smile

i'm 29 in august i had to ask my kids how old i was

my DD1 will be 18 two weeks before i turn 36
im 28 (29 in early july) Big party for me next year! kinda a bit scared to turn 30!

26 in 2 weeks
I turned 29 in march this year

I turned 29 in march this year

I too turned 29 in March this year grin
24 grin
I just noticed that VS23 and i are both 30 and kids (her eldest) are the exact same age.....well, according to our tickers!!

What a co-incidence!!
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