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Has anyone taken the kids to see Rio? Rss

Hmm I think I'll take him, I'd love to take both of my kids but I doubt DS2 would sit there that long lol he's a wriggle bum. Did anyone see it in 3D? I've never seen a 3D movie so it'd be cool to experience it. I dont really know what age group Rango is aimed at?? Noone seems to like it lol! I dont see it as a waste of money at all, especially since last time they let DS in for free hehe not sure how he got away with it as he looks way older than he is anyway!
A friend of mine took her daughters ( 4yrs and 7yrs ) and they really enjoyed it.

I, however, would love to take my son to the movies but unlike you other lucky mummies i have a slightly wild child who wouldn't sit still for the entire movie! He is 4 years old so hopefully soon'ish we might be able to manage a trip to the movies smile and experience the fun of it all!
DH took DD1 (4 years) to see it today. They left half way through as DD got bored and restless but she's not the stay still type so it may not be reflective of the movie.
Of course all children love cartoons, especially modern cartoons with 3D graphics. What to hide? I, too, together with children with great pleasure watch such cartoons with an interesting storyline. By the way, I advise moms to watch free with children cool cartoon toy story 4.
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