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Does the feeling ever fully go away? Lock Rss

I just think you learn to live with and deal with those feelings.

I love little people and could have a house full of them (hehe 4 isn't a house full already is it?)

I had a few tears when I gave the baby gear away.

I still sometimes feel a bit sad to think I won't ever have a pregnant belly again or feel those little kicks and flutters of a baby moving inside of me.

On the other hand though....

I like that my youngest is almost completely tt and I won't have pooey nappies to deal with for much longer.

I like that I can wear an underwire bra now and that my boobs aren't constantly leaking or being popped out to feed a baby (and I enjoyed breastfeeding,lol).

I like that my little people sleep through the night (most of the time) these days. Though I loved those midnight/ early morning baby feeds and snuggles....

Plus (and possibly the factor that really had me decide 4 was enough for our family)....I have a troubled contraceptive in the world when you realise they are all going to grow up and you are going to have to go through the teenage years 4 times, without adding any more children to the mix, AND you somehow have to remain sane,lol.

I am 99.9% sure I don't want anymore babies. I'm no good pregnant, I am terrible at birth- even WITH a c/section, and quite frankly- my babes get on my nerves regularly wacko
So, why does that feeling crop up every now and then? Does it ever go away or is it just some normal feeling that doesn't mean I actually want anymore?
What are your thoughts/experiences with this?

And for the couple of peole that know me- NO, I am not thinking this now! Trust me tongue

When you REALLY dont want anymore and KNOW you dont, you dont think about it.
I have four and I found that I stopped getting clucky when around little babies, I had no trouble what so ever getting rid of ALL the baby gear and the thought of having another baby well I just want to cry at the thought! I love my four and they are enough for us, I love the stages they go through but really dont try encourage my baby to grow up fast haha.. she is 13 months now. I really KNOW I am not ever going to have another baby, if I did get preg, which chances are I wont because we are sooo careful, I know I wouldnt keep it. My husband and i are considering prem protection against getting preg.
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