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Thinking of moving interstate..... Lock Rss

Has anyone ever moved interstate, or a long way from their family/friends/support system? I'm thinking of moving interstate with my 3 year old DD for a fresh start and to have our independence again (our living arrangements right now are NOT ideal lol!)

I'm getting the guilt trips from family though, especially my mum, as I'll be "taking DD away from her" and "it's a long way to be away from everyone if you hate it" etc etc etc.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is how do you separate yourself from what everyone is saying what you should be doing, and base your decision on what YOU want and what you think is best for yourself and your own little family?

I'm confused about the whole bl00dy thing :S

ETA I have some family and friends in the area I want to move to smile

We have just moved interstate for exactly that reason. We decided that moving to where we have, we would be better off financially and also that its a better place to bring up our little family.

I left all my family and friends, and did get the guilt trip. We moved 5 hours away. I still do get a chance to drive up and visit them though so they still get to see my baby grow and change.

My husband has family here, so he has that support. I guess i do too lol

I definitely dont regret our decision.
For the past 9 years we have lived a 5 hour road trip from family (which they thought was a long way from them all,lol) but next week we will be moving from QLD to WA. We have had some comments made that were a little guilt inducing, and yep it was about taking the grandkids so far away from them. I understand that this would be difficult for them and that they will miss the kids and the regular contact and visits.

It all boils down to this do what is in the best interest of your immediate family- and for us- it is time to move on to something and somewhere different and we could not stay in the same place simply to appease the rest of our family.

We have set up Skype so we will be video chatting with grandparents regularly and because of the travel distance (min 3 flights to get to us) we will also be setting up some sort of savings that will hopefully pay for a trip (or at least a leg of the trip) that grandparents will have to find funds for in order to come visit us.

It is a big decision to make and it is only made harder when everyone else has their say and makes you second guess yourself. All the best xx

Thanks ladies, had a bit of a chat with my sister and mum today and they're just sad to see us go, and worried it won't work out.

But I figure you have to take risks in life, and who knows, this could be awesome for me and DD!

Would just be a hell of a lot easier if everyone just accepted my decision and kept their worries to themselves LOL! smile
Yep - we moved sydney to darwin!
We needed some space... LOL.. so in our typical fashion, did it in a big way.
We have been away for 3 years & are now ready to move back for a while. The space has been fabulous for all of us.

I am still on the recieving end of the guilt trip from my mum, even tho she knows we will be home in 2 weeks time, but at the end of the day, they are all just being selfish. If it all works out, it could be the best decision you ever made & if it doesnt then they will be more than happy for you to move back.

good luck.
You have to do what is right for you!

good luck..
nothing is forever. there is no rule that you have to stay there if you dont like it or arent happy.
we moved away from our families (albeit we had no kids at the time) and then did 2 or 3 more interstate moves after that. we are thinking of moving away from my MIL toward the end of the year (our only family where we are) and she is upset and has been crying and everything but at the end of the day, we have to put our immediate family first and our happiness has to be priority. if it doesnt work out, well you just move again.

and better off doing it now while little one is still little because once they are in a school etc you dont want to uproot them anymore than necessary. find your feet now and then settle in a place that makes you happy smile
if your situation changes, just make the adjustments as you need too...even if that means "coming home" later on.
I think my mum is just worried that cos I'm a single mum and it's a smallish country town I'll feel isolated and will hate it.

I've had a few chats with her and she's coming to terms with the whole idea, I think she's realising now that I'm actually going to do it and it wasn't just a thought I voiced out loud that I never had any intention of following through with lol smile

Just got to make sure legalities are all taken care of with DD's dad and then it will definately be a go-er! Weeeeeee excited!!! grin
Take a chance and go for it...the first few months may have some hard moments from time to time but once your settled in you wont regret it!

We moved from Sydney to Perth sept 07 as DP got a good $$$ job over here, the decsion was pretty easy at the time as we had no children and were adveterous and free to take risks and if it didnt work out we knew we could always go back. My mother passed away when i was a teen and my dad is re-married and at the time had little contact with him so for me it wasnt a hard choice.

So glad we did it though as rasing a family here in perth is far better then in western suburbs of sydney IMO and a hell of alot nicer not to mention afordable!!! we live in a brand new 4bedroom 2 bathroom home 5min drive from the beach and pay $360 a week way could you do that in sydney!LOL

at first there were times where i wondered what i had done but as i started to get to know my way around and meet people the more i lied the place the less thoose thoughts popped into my head smile

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