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So I have two little girls, pretty much have them covered, but am about to have a baby boy.

Just wondering what kind of differences you ladies with both have found between boys and girls.

I know a few things like not to pull back the foreskin when cleaning them but are their any other things or tips I might need to know about caring for a little man? Not as familiar with penis's as I am with vagina's due to not having one laugh .

Also are there any real behavioural differences?
My little guy is SOOOO much more laid back than the mini chicks. Massively.

One thing I wasn't prepared for was at nappy time. Not the peeing thing, but when the nappy is dirty it gets everywhere. I mean their boys are wrinkly, and it gets into every single one. GIrls are much easier at nappy time I find. Every other time, boys are much easier lol.

Best of luck smile
Congrat's! l have 2 DS's and now a new DD.

With a boy, always make sure their penis is pointing down in their nappy. Decreases the chance of leakage. Also, we found during nappy changes boys have the ability to wee up...towards you! We cut up a cloth nappy into small face washer sized pieces and covered the penis during changes. Saved quite a few accidents.

Behaviour wise, my two boys were loud from day one and DD is no where near as loud. However, she's only 11 weeks so the jury is still out!

I found after having a little princess boys harder to change, like cleaning girls bits was easier IMO with my son i was trying to be reallty gentle on his little balls and stuff LOL plus a few times i got caught i forgot to make sure his willy was pointing down before doing up the tabs on the nappy and he leaked and i couldnt figure out for awhile what the hell was going on ROFL laugh
so make sure u always point the pecker south! tongue

Also i agree with PP my little man is so much more chilaxed,such an easy cruisey babey in comparrison to my 'spirted' girl smile
Boys are noisier and more physical during play than girls (so I've noticed from comparing my sons to my SIL who has 2 girls). Apparently it all changes at puberty when girls get noisier and boys stop talking and start grunting.

Never underestimate the power of fart jokes, boys find them hilarious and by boys I do mean my DH aswell as he is usually the instigator of such toilet humour. (My rule is not at the dinner table). If you are the mum that has a good fart joke they will think you are the coolest mum ever!!

Boys love getting dirty, making mud pies, catching insects, play fighting, building forts and generally being more active than girls (again, I'm just going on the kids I know - I realise that there are exceptions to the rule).

DD is showing signs already of being girly. She loves dolls and will let me comb her hair and put clips and hair bands in it (she's got heaps of hair).

I laughed at the pp's that talked about willy's pointing down. That brought back some memories.

Congrats on your impending baby boy grin
Like PP girls are easier at change times but I also found that my DS was so much more laid back then my DD, such an easy bubba. My DD is such a sook lol.

Thats probably the biggest difference for me.... girls are such divas! hehe
I read once that "Girls wreck your head and Boys wreck your house". LOL
DD is very girly girl, love dress ups, dolls etc etc, is very sensitive and can be "precious" at times IYKWIM. Whereas DS is more easy going, more easily distracted and is fascinated by anything with wheels!
I have been told that girls are more independant and I can see that in my DD.
As for changing pooey nappies, boys are way harder to clean, its the jiggly bits I think grin
It's interesting to notice the differences. But I know that all kids have their own little personalities so.......
All the best with your pregnancy and birth. I bet you are looking forward to meeting you little man.
Make sure you always point their willy down lol!

My DS is very busy and independent but very loveable and caring. I have a DD too and she is so much more high maintenance than my boy! Most of my friends have one of each and they all say the boys were so much easier than the girls.

I love little boys they are so cute, enjoy having your own little man smile
Thank's for all your replies.

I have alway's heard that changing boys was easier but must admit didn't quite believe it. Figured there must be more to clean on a little boy so you have all confirmed my suspicions.

"Girls wreck your head and Boys wreck your house". I like that laugh. Good to hear that boys are a little less drama, I get enough of that especially with DD1. She is such a diva it's not funny.

And I will definately point the willy down smile.
Oh this is interesting! blink

We are ttc and are planning on trying for a boy.... I would LOVE to have 2 girls but dh and I agreed on trying for one of each - seeing as we already have a girl he might enjoy having a son to kick the footy with... so I really couldn't be selfish and say sorry, I want another girl!

But anywho - Last month didn't happen with ttc so this month we'll try again for a boy, and if that doesn't work we'll just go for it and see what happens.

Sorry... bit off topic but I find boys terrifying so it's interesting to read this thread! My dd is tomboyish anyway but still no where near as feral and loud as some of my friends boys! eek!

My boys are crazy!!! They sort there own fights out themselves but are very destructive lol. They wrestle alot and smash into things on there ride on cars roll eyes I'm actually very excited about having teenage boys as i have 3 teenage sisters and they are so much drama BLER!!!!

I find cleaning the boys are easy. Just pull the skin on there balls apart and wipe (DH showed me how to wipe DS1's first pooey bum, because my family is mainly girls). Easy peasy grin But definatly make sure there pointing down after bum change.
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