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Are Boys..... Lock Rss

I have 3 boys. Most of my friend have girls and they can't believe how much my boys climb, it scares them.
Boys just don't stop, the world is one big investigation and they have to see what they can find.
A friend of mine has 2 girls and now a boy and for the first time she has had to put the safety locks on the cupboards smile it does make me laugh.

Chalys - you arn't one of my friends are you smile they arn't my feral boys i hope, hehe...
So far DS has been easier but harder than DD. He is very rough while DD most of the time is such a princess. DS is such a mummies boy has always been. He is so adventurous he heads straight out the door climbs everything today he even opened the gate and headed for the road. He has so many bruises he is always bumping into something in his adventures. He hasn't said a word yet but is always making car noises it's so cute even pushes around random objects while doing it. I find boys nappies easier than girls. Mil was saying that with DD she never really baby proofed the house now she has to.
im having the opposite question....

i have 3 boys and a girl coming smile hopefully girls are pretty easy smile

Hello there.
I have so enjoyed reading this thread! I have a DD almost 4yrs and a DS 7 1/2 months. Nappy changes for me are better with DS because DD poo'ed before, after and during every single feed whereas DD only poo's once a day on average! The trouble I'm now having is he's constantly grabbing his 'little manhood' during changes - wees and poos!! So I'm always battling to keep his hands FREE OF POO!! Coz now that he's loving solids (way more than DD at this age) his poos are HUGE!
Other things I've noticed, DD was an easy baby - slept heaps. Was a big breast feeder so was easy to keep happy - as long as I was around! DS is more whingey and needs more attention and wakes often during the night and is much harder to settle as booby doesn't always fix everything with him! I'm going with the 'girls are easier as babies and boys are easier as teenages' idea that I've heard so often.
Best of luck with your upcoming boy! I'm loving having one of each when I was sure I only wanted girls - coming from girls myself.
Enjoy smile

LOL I have a 4 1/2 year old DS and a 2 year old DD and I have to say there is a major difference in personality! I definately agree from personal experience as well as all the friends we have who have boys or girls - boys are much cruisier!! Our girl is a little DIVA with a capital D and has been high maintenence from Day 1!! Very strong personality!

Also she is into girly things like wearing her shoes and getting her hair brushed even though we've never made her like that, though she loves to play in the dirt as much as her brother too LOL But at her age he never could have cared about things like necklaces or shoes like she does so it must be a boy/girl thing.

She is tougher than him in that she will hurt herself get up and carry on where as he will sook a bit more.

I must be in the minority here but I think changing a boys nappy is much easier than a girls too!!

I would have to say I definitely don't agree with boys being harder to just wipe around everything and your good, girls have more cracks and crevass's lol! As Tori Spelling put it, girls can get PUTP - poop up the puss LOL sorry had to share that it cracks me up! I've found with my little man he's been very active since the get go, I still see my mums group every week and both boys crawled and walked before the girls, can be a bit rougher, I find girls are a little more happy to sit and play where as my little man has to be on the go all the time!! Best of luck, it will be a great journey learning all their little differences.... Enjoy smile
I have a toddler dd and nearly nine month old dd and ds
Ds is sooo lay backed compared to his sisters doesn't whinge as much and is happy little chap.
As for nappy changing he has squirted me a couple of times and cleaning under his doodie and his marble sack is harder then dd as you gotta lift things lol but as pp said girls do have more ummm cracks to clean and I have to change dd with a leg over her so she doesn't crawl off while ds lays there lol.
I often wonder will he be more full on then his sis but time will tell dd1 is hyperactive lol every bub is unique though smile
I have to disagree with the pp who thinks girl babies are easier.... if that is the case I will need to go get sterilised right now as you couldn't have gotten a worse baby than my dd! If my next baby is going to be just as hard as her or worse than I just can't do it! I'm hoping and praying that if we try for a boy and get one that he will be opposite to her just for the pure fact of differing gender! grin

my DD was a nightmare too like chalys's! gasp

im expecting a little boy in about 10 weeks (EEEK!!!!) so this thread is definately interesting.

my friend has a 4 week old baby boy and has been telling me about how far he can pee (half way across the room!) and i witnessed it today during a nappy change! He pee's straight up into the air and got it all over himself and her! I was laughing my butt off but quickly stopped when i realised that it is soon to be me LOL

heres hoping boys are cruisier and less whingey because my DD is High Maintenance!

So I have two little girls, pretty much have them covered, but am about to have a baby boy.

Just wondering what kind of differences you ladies with both have found between boys and girls.

I know a few things like not to pull back the foreskin when cleaning them but are their any other things or tips I might need to know about caring for a little man? Not as familiar with penis's as I am with vagina's due to not having one laugh .

Also are there any real behavioural differences?

Every single child is different weather girl or boy, I have two girls and two boys, they are all the same when it comes to behavour etc, only difference I see is that the boys like to use their fists when fustrated and the girls like to use their lungs and scream. When they get older I am learning things are alot different, my boys are 10 years and my girls still pre schoolers. I am having trouble knowing how to answer all the questions my boys are firing at me. I brought today a boo of, whats happening to me! Hopefully that will help!
"Girls wreck your head and Boys wreck your house".

OMG that is so true!! I've got 2 teenage DD's and 2 toddler DS's and my house is forever trashed!! The girls are driving me mad with boys, hormonal moods, etc but at least the boys far....have only driven me nuts getting into everything they can find!!!

Will admit though that the boys have been easier than the girls, but I don't know whether that's because I'm older now than I was when I had the girls.

Biggest tip for new mums of boys...ALWAYS ALWAYS point that pecker south and be ready to duck if that pecker is pointing right at you when you take the nappy off!!! me...they can pee a looooooooooooooooooooooooong way!

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I find that DD1 has been developing a massive attitude (it comes from her dad <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> ) but DS is more prone to whinging and whining... apparently this is my fault laugh (he's a mummy's boy)

I've noticed that the girls have been much quicker to develop than DS. DD1 was walking around 14 months and DD2 has just started taking her first steps... DS didn't walk until he was 17 months.

DD2 insists on feeding herself and does quite a good job of it.. DS would insist on me feeding him until he was around 2! lol

DD2 is already copying words - she tried to say Torben the other day.. so cute!! wub
She can say mummy, daddy, thank you and shut up! gasp roll eyes

I found girls easier to clean... poo likes to hid in boy bag wrinkles...

DS is quite happy to sit quietly and watch TV or play in his room with his trains, cars and trucks, whereas the girls are more prone to want our attention.

I enjoy both sexes but I am definitely glad DD2 was a girl!! I feel that I can cope better with two girls and one boy rather than having one girl and two boys... I can understand girls! lol

Good luck!! They're all great fun.

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