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is a stretch and sweep the same as an internal? Lock Rss

thanks smile

just had an internal but didn't think to ask....

usualy an internalis just tocheck dilation and where your cervix is at. They may ofdone a bit ofstretch while you were there but they should of toldyou they were doing it in my experience


thanks smile i've never really had either... the only time i've had an internal was when i was in labour

If it was a stretch and sweep you would have felt it - believe me it aint so comfy.

An internal is just to have a quick feel to see how the cervix is going - and stretch and sweep aims to open the cervix a little further (stretch) and then attempt to seperate the aminotic sac from the uterus walll (sweep) in the hope of bringing on labour.

I have had stretch and sweeps at the end of both of my pregnancies.

she said i was 1cm dialated and she could get one finger in -which she should be able to seeing as though i've had kids before but that she wouldn't be able to break the waters though ....

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