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does anyone know what their partners or children have planned\brought for you on mothers day? or is it going to be a surprise?

does anyone know what their partners or children have planned\brought for you on mothers day? or is it going to be a surprise?

No suprises here... DH is away so I'm planning my own day smile and including my mum.
wouldn't have a clue if he has anything planned... will be very surprised if he has.
My DH works away so I doubt very much that Mothers Day will be any different to any other day... Hes not good with surprises or anything like that sad Wish he was though!
DS, DP and I are going on a steam train ride then out for dinner after =) very excited !
the suprise will be if i have been bought ANYTHING lol

as far as i know, DH has not got me anything from him/DD. ive dropped hints and reminded him that its coming and even told him i would love a home made card from DD but i know they havent spent any alone time together this week so i know it hasnt happened...yet....there is still hope for tomorrow maybe!! *sigh*

and then mothers day he will be working so will only see him in the morning anyway...
My DH works away, but today I recieved in the mail 2 cards that he had made on snapfish from each of the kids with their pics on it and a cute msg inside grin

He has ordered me a present and said it will be arriving on Mon or Tues, no idea what it is though!!

He is really thoughtful on all the important days...

DD made me a gift at daycare aswell, so sweet!!
My DH works away and yesterday i received a delivery of a beautiful bunch of flowers for mothers day, he always makes sure i have something even when he is away. and my beautiful son made me biscuits at daycare, he enjoyed eating them as well. smile
and i am meant to be getting a surprise when he gets home.
If I want a present, I will have to go out and buy it myself. DH is not into the Mother's/ Father's day thing.
DF told me last night that he's taking me shopping today. He wants me to pick something but he wants to be there and make an outing of it. I'm very happy with that. smile
I made a list of things I want (as I have learnt, dropping hints never works), and handed it to him - he went out and bought something last week but I have no idea what it is!
DS had a mothers day stall at school yesterday, so that's going to be a surprise too - I'm actually real excited about that one, as he has chosen it all by himself!

As for any plans for tomorrow, well, he's working so I'm off to my mums for the day - I don't get to spend Mothers Days with him as he's a chef, so he's busy cooking for other mummies and their families sad
My DH is terrible. He knows the day is coming (not just mothers day, but ANY special occasion) but he never bothers to do anything until that morning- then he'll go out to the shops and buy me a card, sometimes he might get a small pressie, as long as he can get it in the supermarket, so it would be chocy or something similar :S <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> lol!

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