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as heading suggests i am trying to find a tutor to help out with my 6 yr old's school work, i have 4 ds's 3 under 3 and hubbys away and im struugling to find a steady consistent time to go over his work with him and think it might be beneficial to get a tutor in 1 a week or something to help him out.
so question being does anyone know of any tutors in the south west sydney area to be specific that do yr 1 students.
any other info would be great to that i should know about...

Perhaps you could ask at your sons school? There might be a TA that wants some extra $$ for after school work?
oh that is a fantastic idea! FANTASTIC IDEA!
I was also going to suggest ask around at your son's school, or a neighbouring school (you could just leave a message with a deputy who could ask the staff) to see if any teachers would like to do some private tutoring. I teach year 4's (year 2's last year when he started) and I tutor a year 6 student twice a week after school. I charge $40 an hour and take him for 2 x 1 hour sessions.

Hope this info helps, good luck with your DS smile
My nieces (year 1 & 3) do kumon. My SIL swears by it. We are in Vic, but I think they run programs everywhere.
We don't have a tutor. My daughter uses beestar for math, reading and science learning afterschool. The online worksheets are full of all real life world problems, challenging stuff to help kids thinking. You can have a try.
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