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I am booked for an endoscopy on Monday and feeling pretty nervous...please dont share any scary stories with me!! I am already scared of not waking up again LOL though I think I am having a sedation not the General anasthetic but still scared of being kind of asleep and what can go wrong....Thanks so much

Don't be scared! I had one a few years ago. It's really not that bad at all, you're under a general and nothing hurts at all. I didn't even have a sore throat from it, the worst thing I experienced was feeling so groggy for the rest of the day from the general.

I was a little scared, it was my first general (I was 16) and I didn't know what to expect; I went in, had the canula put in that they put the anaesthetic through, counted down from 10 - I think I made it to about 6 lol - and the next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. No pain afterwards at all. I'd been told that some people can have a bit of a sore throat for a little while afterwards, but there's really nothing that can go wrong. It's a disgnostic procedure, and a very common one - the doctor has probably done too many of them to count!

Don't worry, it will be fine smile
which end are they scoping? i havent had either but seen them done lots.

they are both very quick. you will wake up feeling groggy but not too bad really. my mum actually had a scope today cos she has stomach ulcers, she went in at 10a, was out of recovery by 1130a and home by 130 ish. no problems at all. even felt well enough to walk to the video shop afterwards grin

if you are having the bottom end done then the worst bit is the prep you have to drink. its just uncomfortable because you need to *cough* completely clear out..

i would really try not to stress, i know its easier said then done but it will be over before you know it and you will be feeling like yourself again within a day.

The bottom one is a colonoscopy. Endoscopy is down the throat.

I would much prefer an endoscopy grin
Thankyou for the replies smile
It is down my throat thank goodness not the other end lol but still I am freaking a bit...though I know its a straightforward thing apparently but Im the type who worries about all the things that can possibly go wrong LOL...I know they told me I wont have the general just a sedation its sometimes called a "twilight" but I am just scared of the unknown...and I think when you have small kids you always realise your own mortality too LOL

Thanks so much

I had one a few years ago under sedation, although they gave me fentanyl so I didn't remember it, I had no pain or side effects and woke up fine. Good luck, it's the colonoscopy that's the bad one!
Hun they do these ALL the time. They are so common! We have people get them done every week in our hossie and we are a country hospital. The best thing is that they don't have to cut you open like if you were having an operation so recovery time is pretty much straight away apart from feeling groggy from the anesthetic.

Try not to stress.. its not common for things to go wrong with an endoscopy... and if you are under 50 and generally healthy there's a high chance the anesthetic will be fine too. People at risk of having something go wrong from a general usually are either elderly or compromised through illness or disease.

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