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Hello ladies & gents,

Can anyone help me please?

I am trying to find a good website that has easy recipes for large families. I will be cooking for 7.

Thank you in advance smile

[center]I have 6 boys ... can't tell you where to find recipes .. I just do food the kids like but make larger quantities ... I went through my recipe books not long ago & wrote down a heap of recipes that I want to try smile

These are some of our regulars

Chicken enchiladas
Chilli con carne
Casseroles (in slow cooker)
Marinated chicken wings with fried rice
Sausages in gravy with mash & vegies
Lasagne & salad (in summer) or vegies (in winter)
Chicken thighs coated with flour, season all & parsley with vegies
Pasta bake
Vegie bake with chicken legs

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