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Figured we could make some people feel all warm inside today wink

Or create a club excluding the lesser known users. Sorry Skip but i don't think this is one of your better topic ideas! wink

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You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

NOT including the OP (me) who on this forum do you like reading posts from and why? (this could be about being helpful, nice, witty, funny, confident, sarcastic anything)
What user always make you smile, or happy? Or what users always seem helpful?

Figured we could make some people feel all warm inside today wink

I like to read and will read everything however, the ones like these which will turn out to be a slanging match make me go elsewhere

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Ah see I didn't think of it like that. I thought lesser post users would talk about other lesser count users. Just so we can get their names up and make them feel good. Make everyone feel good. I didn't think of it a just the posters who post the most being mentioned the most.

Is that why you post so much? you like to see your own name???

I use this forum for advice. I like to read and ask questions mainly about pregnacy.

Or the odd chook thread lol

No, not my own name. I just think a lot of people are so nice and helpful it would have made people feel good getting a mention. I figured it'd be ALOT of people being talked about not just one or two.

I don't come to huggies thinking of groups. I come here to talk. When I create a thread, I never think it's for specific people, just everyone, anyone, that wants to talk or contribute.
I specifically said none about me in my original OP in this thread because I crated it. I don't have to have anything said about me. Just was thinking of everyone else.

Now, if this is going to be taken a different way that I had not originally seen nor thought of then forget about this thread. It actually wasn't meant to offend or hurt anyone. It was crated solely to make people feel better ALL people.

I can see what some of you are thinking and I understand.

Hi skippy, I can understand where you were coming from, and on the grounds that I have NEVER seen you intentionally be mean to someone I would never have thought that it was anyting but a fun way to make people smile.

I have come on to huggies to create friendships and bond with people who have common interests and I really love the way you open people up and get them talking about themselves.

Come on ladies lets all be nice and keep the toys in the cot wink
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I don't have any 'favorites'. Everyone posts different almost everytime i come on! whether it is advice, or just general discussion.

I like to give the early staged pregnant ladies advice, or the new members advice, because when i first started coming on here, It was like i was ignored. Sometimes, still feels that way.

But now i like to just come on and see where/who i can help, and have a read smile

NOT including the OP (me)

LOL what makes you think people would choose the op? I like reading a lot of different opinions, some I don't agree with but it's still good to read how other people think. I'm not going to name names though. Seeing my user name on a forum wouldn't make me feel good about myself but I guess to some it might.
Must admit I have no preferences, more each person that has views I agree with, and some I don't are just as interesting to read. I also likethefun stuff as well as the informative.
Most of my favourite's don't come on anymore - or don't seem to be here when I am

I used to love reading Prouddadof3's threads, he always made me laugh, but also always gave advice from the males point of view, and it made sense... I'm glad to say that although he is gone from here, I still have contact with him now, and we have visited each other regularly over the past couple of years. Might even drop in to his place on Saturday, now that I think about it! lol

Moniques Mum - always positive, always lovely,
Lachlans Mum - such a beautiful caring person, who always makes my day
Frankie - shlt stirring, straight talking, down to earth
Iziani - witty, funny as hell, and not afraid to say things the way she see's them
Dee's4Darlings, always fantastic advice, always helpful, supportive
Ebay Addict - another one who always made me smile, and I've now got a special bond with her outside here - actually catching up this weekend.
MonkaMoo - haven't seen her for ages, but always lovely, always caring, and wish she was here more often.

There are so many more I could mention - mainly the old school girls, that have been here for 4+ years.... I enjoy seeing posts that make people happy, that are encouraging and helpful, I also love seeing post that are just for shlts and giggles, without hurting people in the process, and without taking things too far.

Most of those that were 'special' to me on here, I have on facebook, and I am fortunate to catch up with a few of them often in person - such as this weekend! lol
I can see both sides, but I haven't been here long enough to form opinions of anyone. The thought had good itention I guess.

That is, other than that stupid Administator person who keeps sending fake messages about free nappies for a year. But that isn't being nice is it?

Excluding me was a just incase measures. This thread wasn't meant to be about me. So just incase done mentioned me. It was about others.
And its not about the user was the people behind them. If someone made you feel good or helped you a lot ever before, I thought it would be nice to mention them, maybe thank them if you wish, or just say something nice.

I see where ya coming from Skip. See the nice thing you wanted to do for other people smile
Could easily be taken the wrong way, But the few ladies that do know you and your posts, will know you meant nothing but good to come out of this.

It is nice to see people saying nice things about you. And to be appreciated.
Sometimes, hearing something that was so little to you being helpful to someone else can really make your day

I knew what you mean skippy. There are like 50,000 members or so but when I read all the posts or start my own, i have noticed that its usually the same people who reply to them, so you do start to become a bit more familiar with those people and look forward to their replies. Overall I like reading all posts but obviously some I dont have anything in familiar with and therefore dont contribute. There are also some people who have personalities that clash with my own and I try not to antagonise them even though I dont agree with what they are saying.
There's way too many to mention, some for their advice, some for their sense of humour, some for the photos of their cute bubs and some because we have a friendship or I can see a similarity between myself and them. This place sends my head spinning sometimes but after 4 years I can't tear myself away.
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