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Let's see if we can keep this thread going in a positive direction smile

As for my picks, there are so many to choose from smile .... but some of the members who contribute to the threads in the PND forum, do an amazing job of sharing their personal stories and offering support smile

Riki - do we have any men left around here you know? I can't remember seeing one for a long while. It's nice sometimes getting a males point if view to topics.

there are the odd one or 2, Prouddadof3 hasn't been on here for about 15months or so. He had over 7000 posts, so was on quite a bit.

Maddi's Daddy is another one that I speak to a bit and have him and his DF on FB, but dont think he's been on here for about 2 years either!

Arkwrite is another male on here, but I haven't had much to do with him at all

Mainly the old school people.... go back 4, 5, 6, 7 years and we had a lot of fun here.

God I feel old
I have no problem with the op and don't see anything sinister about the post, so I'll just answer <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Like Ricki, most of the ones I used to enjoy reading don't come on anymore (frankie, mum2ronjam) there are others too but can't think of usernames atm. When I first started coming here I only had one child and hardly ever posted, was too scared to put mu view out there. Now I have 3 kids and feel that I have something to contribute, and mostly don't really care so much if people agree with me or not [url=][img]http://serve.mysmi...]
There is a guy around, but he only seems to pop his head in when there is a circ. thread.

I like the trolls the best ph34r

They do bring some entertainment to the site.

I don't have anyone I actively seek out unless I want to see how they've gone after posting in a thread of theirs. Some of them never give an update which sucks but most do so it's nice to follow their progress.

The Users on here whose friendship i have found envaluble i now have on FB. They know who they are and i seek advice/laughs from them now.

I dont particularly want to name names because it just seems like a popularity vote. People who post the most with answers/questions/jokes etc will get the most 'votes' which i think can be unfair.

All it takes is a comment from someone totally random (new or old user) and it makes your day. Everyone says different things anyday so its hard to name someone in particular.

Can we also name people who sh!t us?
Dude i was joking blink
I am an old user just haven't been around much in the last 12 months. But i enjoy reading posts from alot of differant users, i love the diversity amongst our members. I lately have enjoyed posts from you skippy, you make me laugh. My little dazzler is another one that makes me laugh. I miss some of the old school girl like frankie. I come on here for advice, support, a rant and sometimes just for a pick me up. I do enjoy the occasional cat fight, but hey who doesn't?
There's quite a few people on here who I like seeing posts from. Mostly because I can "connect" with what they are saying. There's some that a good for a laugh, some that are good for advice and some that I swear we're the same person because I can agree with everything they say laugh

Some of the ones that come to mind are SpottedZebra, Skippy, Marmy61, ^Mumto2Ts^, Chalys, Ricki, Rioby Gloom, One's Enough, Subzero. But I really like seeing posts from everyone on here. It's what makes this place interesting because we're all different and all have different opinions on things which we can share with each other.
Well i really like C_hippy_kiwi and OC234(?) (the one with her daughter sitting on her bike) and Marmy61 and Windmill and Mumy-bear and Ruby-Gloom And Mummyluvsmaddie and subzero. They all give really good, helpful, PRACTICAL advise and i always feel good about applying their ideas. Any you too Skip smile
I just like coming here for everyone's advice and stories its just nice being able to go somewhere and have a vent if you need to and have people support you, love a bit of a debate too hehe tongue
Don't think I have any particulars though.......... smile
I think you could say, "Bless everybody!" and still be ragged for it Skippy. Just something I've noticed. I think this was a great idea for a feel good post.
I joined this site to remind myself of all the little ideas and methods with babies that I may have forgotten and to learn anything new. Also, to have a bit of a chat sometimes. That being said it's the ones that make me laugh or give good advice that are my favourites and there are too many to remember all in one go.
I'll break the rule for this thread and say Skippy you're one of my favourites, you crack me up. Also coming to mind is chelsnich, my little dazzler, windmill, chalys, G.K., STB2, Marmy61... come on brain think!!
There is more.
aww I saw my mind mentioned a few times, I feel so loved laugh I think a post similar to this has been done once before where it was who has made the most biggest impact to you on the forum etc etc. So whoever doesn't like it, yes it has been done before!..the oh mighty has spoken. I think everyone is awsome. Or maybe because my brain is bogus at the moment and I cannot think of a single name to save my life <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
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