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I like threads where I can actually offer some assistance, or where I receive assistance. I will get involved in the occasional crap for the sake of crap thread but predominantly like those where there is a purpose.
Hmmmm there are so many that Icant think so many of you have helpful info about everything related to being a mum etc.
Skip you crack me up all the time lol grin
Jas84 funny funny and so lovely smile
Yes my litltle dazzler your awesome smile
I just cant think I feel bad not writing every one down!!!!
There are some woman on here who have opened up about there pnd and I have so much respect for you guys I really do I haven't experienced it before but reading there posts there courages and strong and amazing women.
So basically every one on here is a champ in there own way laugh

NOT including the OP (me) who on this forum do you like reading posts from and why? (this could be about being helpful, nice, witty, funny, confident, sarcastic anything)
What user always make you smile, or happy? Or what users always seem helpful?

Figured we could make some people feel all warm inside today wink

I like reading posts from everyone. I like that there are different perspectives and I especially like it when I see another way to look at something that perhaps I'm struggling with. It's great to see things from another point of view. Plus a good debate/vent/laugh is great for cleansing the soul.
Iziani always makes me laugh

I also always loved LA78's wit and way of saying it as it was

Loved Benmar's honesty

Frankie always had me LOL'ing while reading her posts

MummytoAshlee is always so helpful and kind on here I always found

I also used to love the trolls too haha unsure
That would be ones enough you're talking about.... she rocks my socks too! I get excited when she posts because psychology excites me too. Lol

I really dont like trying to make lists of names of who I like... there are sooooo many on here! I would hate for someone to think that they really thought we were good friends and then I didn't mention them in my list.....

So I'll just say... I love you all and many of you brighten my day often smile

Didn't know her personally but mum2RONJAM always had great advice. She was never bitchy and her posts were always good to read.

Also mummy2ashlee was always kind

And Sette had good advice

I'm sure I'll think of more...
I really enjoy a good debate that stays purely theoretical and isn't personal and anyone that gets fired up about what's for dinner rocks my boat.
I know I have these names not quite right but "two little blondies","oc1234 (French travel blog lady)",Ruby Gloom"," izzak and kyans mum", "kiwie Hippy" and Chalys are all favourites that jump to mind.
I have read some personal insights into losing a child on here that have left me in tears and the women who write about something so personal are just amazing. A lady named Jess jumps to mind but I can't remember her user name.
"Rockabilly" also has given me some good laughs along the way.

Cant believe no ones mentioned me! gasp
laugh laugh laugh

Cant believe no ones mentioned me! gasp
laugh laugh laugh

lol..your awesome hun laugh Your bubby is GORGEOUS grin
i enjoy reading everyones posts! i have been a member for about 5 years, but have only really started posting in the last year or so. i have seen so many amazing people come and go, and i enjoyed reading their posts as i do the ones now. Myself i try and give ppl advice and help out when i can, im not good with confrontation so i kind of keep away from the bitchy fights that happen sometimes. I love the members that make me laugh, i could be having a really *** day and come on here and read a post from My little dazzler, ones enough ect and crack up laughing and silently thank them for making my day a little bit brighter!! i am not leaving huggies anytime soon, so you are all stuck with me tongue

There are sooo many people on here that make me laugh and have great advice for everyone.
Dees4Divas? She is so well spoken and has great advice. smile
Supaexcited tells it like it is! I like that. grin
Skippy, you make me nearly wet my pants. laugh
And so many more.

The thing i like about certain people is they can start a thread or comment in one and not get nasty when someone has a different opinion to them.

I dont think there is anyone who gets on my nerves.
I have been a member for just over 4 years now.... and this place has changed SO much. I actually find it much more pleasant now.... without certain members on here anymore, but it is SO much quieter.

You could come on here at night and normally there would be about 60+ members online. Now they are lucky to reach 20. I think that is a little sad, but people move on I guess.

I have made some awesome friends (some of whom I have met in real life too) on here. A couple of members from the old days - who I have never actually met yet - I chat on the phone to for about 2 or 3 hours at a time! LOL! Can't wait to meet them one day!

There has been good times and bad times on this site for me. I have been at the wrath of the Popcorn Girls on occasions but this place was also a saving grace for me in times of real sadness and emotional upheavel in my life too. I think I will always keep coming back. smile

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