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How to word a cancellation letter Lock Rss

So I need to write up a cancellation letter for my gym membership (I am changing to a 24/7 gym simply for convenience) however, I have no idea how to word it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks smile
I would put something like:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for your wonderful support during my membership at your gym. Unfortunately I am not able to continue my membership with your gym as it no longer suits my needs.
I didn't realise you would have to write a letter? When I cancel things I just ring up and ask to cancel.. they don't need a reason - its your money so you shouldn't have to explain yourself...

Thanks I might go with something like that.

Yeah with this gym you need 2 weeks notice and a written thing to say you want to cancel, I am just emailing it through! I've never cancelled anything so just assumed it was the norm!
Wow that's a bit picky isn't it! Have they got a waiting list or something?

Nah no waiting list! I never really thought about it lol and not long after I joined they changed the notice period from 4 weeks to 2!

Wow that's a bit picky isn't it! Have they got a waiting list or something?

Gives them a chance to try and change your mind. My gym requires a written notice for cancellation for that reason.
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