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As above... What apps do you use that are helpful?

I have a shopping list one - means I don't have to carry a notebook anymore and also a period tracker that I downloaded the other day but haven't used yet...

I have the shopping list app to and find it awesome, I also have a to do list, linux bash commands and sex positions lol.
AroundMe is a great app. It tells you where all sorts of things are in proximity to your current location, eg: Banks/ATMS, cafes, bars, petrol stations, cinemas, parking, chemists, supermarkets, restaurants, taxis, etc. It's awesome!

Runkeeper is another good one. Use it when you go walking or running and it tracks the distance you travel, the speed you travel at, ave calories burnt etc and links into your music as well!

Nike Training is like a personal trainer on your phone with a huge number of different training sessions with videos to show the correct way to do exercises.
iTorch!!! You would be surprised how many times I have used it!!! LOL
I love my shop shop list too...
Most of my others are pregnancy related.......

though for the boys Dino Story is good, they hatch a dinosaur and have to look after it, feed it etc!!
Thanks so much for all the suggestions - they are all great & I will use them too smile

I LOVE pink pad period and fertility tracker!!! I showed it to my GP when we where sorting out dates and she now recommends it to other iPhone users that are female ofcourse!
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