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My mother can not stand my DH and hasnt since the first day i took him home. She is really rude to him, quite often ignoring him. He is not 'her' ideal type of man for me and makes that quite clear (although we have been together for over 6 years) I told her to cut it out and she told me that she isnt ignoring him, she is being normal around him when she clearly isnt.

Anyway she came out to visit this weekend (they live 4 hours away) and she only spoke to him him when she had to. And she is very opinionated. We are really into motorbikes (which they dont approve of) and she clearly told me that if i sold our motorbikes i would have more than enough money to put built in cupboards in the house (yes i could really use built ins, but i believe its better us going out on weekends as a family, getting the kids out from infront of the tv and doing something together that we all enjoy) And she ignores everything my DH and i say about parenting my kids. She will do everything for my 5.5yr old. Like everything, puts his shoes on, helps him get dressed...leave him alone he can do it, and does nothing but feed them lollies becuase thats what they ask for?? wtf?? i said no more. Anyway She turned up at 7.30 this morning (when dh was meant to have left for work but was running late) and didnt even say hello to him, just walked past. DH felt unwelcome in his own home and i couldnt wait for them to leave. I cant tell her to pull her head out her a*se because she doesnt see a problem with how she is around him. I dont want to not have anything to do with the because the kids love them, but DH and i cant stand to be around them. THey live 4 hours away and DH refuses to stay at there house so it makes it impossible when we go away as that is the nearest big shops near us. Sorry for my rant.
are your parents still together? maybe you could speak with your dad and ask him to have a chat to her as she may listen to him?

Maybe you could write her a letter?

Honetsly i think teh only way it will change is if it all blows up and you put your foot down with your mother, she may not like it and may not speak to you for a few days/weeks/months but sometimes its what it takes to male them see!
My parents are still together, but honestly my dad doesnt like him either.

I think your right though, i think it all needs to be brought up and for the sh*t to hit the fan before it will get better.
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