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How old before kids can take themselves to school Rss

I was reading that story about that poor little 5yr old who got run over by the school bus.

There is no way in the world I could trust my 5yr old (nor 6yr old for that matter) on a school bus on his own, even if he was accompanied by an older sibling. He is still so unpredictable at times.

But then I have these memories of riding my bike to school on my own as a kid with my younger sisters in only around grade 3 it must have been and I wonder if I need to loosen the umbilical cord lol

How old is old enough for a child to take themselves to school do you think?? I know my kids are in prep and grade 1 and it is still compulsory an adult accompany them to the classroom - I think end of grade 2 is when you are allowed to drop them off and let themselves walk up to the classroom. SOme of you with older kids might be able to answer this one?
at dd1 school some parents think that their child can walk themselves to school from kindy
I'm with you....I think 5 is way to young.
My eldest is almost 5 and there is no way I would let Him walk to school!
I don't really know at what age I would let that happen! It won't be for a long time yet hahaha!
Too much could happen!
DS1 was nearly 7 before he was allowed to take himself off to school and even then I had to be fairly confident he was being sensible before agreeing. laugh Having said that, the school is only at the bottom of our road, though he does have to cross a junction to get to school. I generally don't let him come home on his own yet though because coming from school the visibility at said junction is a bit dodgy and people are a bit silly at the best of times.

If he had to cross a couple of roads I'd probably still be walking him but he's fairly sensible, there are always other parents about, and he does still occasionally want fetching to school. smile

We are contemplating moving house and not sure that will continue though because some of the road he has to use doesn't have a footpath, plus it is narrow in parts, and very windy.

I have an almost 10 year old and a almost 7 year old and I still walk them to school everyday. I will walk them three quarters of the way so they have just one quiet road to cross and then the school crossing, but I watch them until they get to school. They like to be independant.

We have to cross 3 very busy roads including the one that their school is on to get to school and 5 other roads that are'nt so busy, that worries me, and I dont like the fact that there are creepy people out there!!

There are lots of kids younger than mine walking to school though and crossing the same roads by themselves. Its like running the gauntlet trying to cross the roads!
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My DD is 6 years old and in Grade 1. Her schools bus comes to the end of our street (about 400m walk from our front door) and she is always at me to let her go on the school bus!!

I would be absolutely fine with it, and would walk her to the stop and watch her get on the bus and also be there in the afternoons when it dropped her off, BUT its another expense and not a cheap one at that. sad

Plus I do enjoy taking her to school and picking her up. It gives me a chance to touch base with her teacher and also to have a chat with the other Mum's of the kids in her class too.

I have told her that when her brother is at school and they are a bit older, then maybe the bus will be an option for them. But for now we don't need to use it and it is actually cheaper for me to drive her to school and pick her up.

I do see other children from the local school in our town (DD goes to the school in the next town) walking home from school or riding scooters or bikes and they look the same age as DD. Not sure I would be overly comfortable with that, but then some parents don't have a choice I guess?

My eldeest is 5 and in prep and there is no way she would be taking herself to school. All 3 of them will never be taking themselves to school, I will be taking them every day and picking them up!
I think its up to you and your children, I drop the 8 year old off and let her walk into school herself, (usually i sit and watch her walk into school grounds), and 3 times a week she walks out to where I park, she walks a main route that is used by heaps of children, we see same children walk the same way each day, and she has a friend she walks out with which she loves! however im not sure im comfortable letting anyone under 8 walk the road by themselves.. even if its just a short walk! smile but then I get paid to care for these children so I must be extra careful!

i either drive or walk to the shcool.. its about 1.5kms...
i do drop ds1 in the carpark and wait for him to go in the gate and he walks out on his own... if he is to cross the road at the school he must use the crossing (with guards) and i will be standing at the car watching him walk out

Our house is about a kilometre or so from the school - it takes about 15 or so minutes to walk there at an easy pace (and prompting a 3yr old).

I doubt we will be letting DD walk to school on her own at all really. By the time she might be ready to, DS will be starting school and there's no way he's walking.. and then when he might be ready DD2 will start..

There are quite a lot of kids from the school who walk.
Ours would have to cross the main road (pedestrian crossing tho), then cross another busy road, then another and then two side streets to get home... not too comfortable with them doing that by themselves smile

I suppose if it were only DD1, it might be okay to assume she'd be competent by around 9 or 10yrs I guess...

My kids aren't school age yet but I remember walking to school unattended at the age of 7. The walk was a good 10 minutes but in a straight line so no major roads. In saying that though I can't see DD1 being able to walk to school herself at that age as she is a little too "wild" by the time DD1 is 10 and DD2 is 7 if school is close maybe though.

I would be absolutely fine with it, and would walk her to the stop and watch her get on the bus and also be there in the afternoons when it dropped her off, BUT its another expense and not a cheap one at that. sad

Fruchoc - what state are you in? Travel to school should be covered by the gov & free - or at least subsidised to an affordable rate. Have you looked into it - you probably have cause you a smart lady - but it just seems strange to me. DS has a bus pass & a train pass & we only live 2.9 km from his school.
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